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12 November 2018

Perfect location for town and uni! 30 seconds to town. Few minutes down the road to club chemistry and uni takes about 5. SU is downstairs in the building (from my side of the building you couldn't hear any noise from it). Rooms are super fresh and almost new. En-suite are great! Also, the almost double bed is a bonus

7 June 2018

Pretty standard place really... security guards were awesome, especially after a night out and they gotta help you up to your room Nice that you get your own toliet aswell... only downside was that I was on the fourth floor and there was no elevator so that was a pain

27 April 2018

The lack of ventilation almost made the hotter months unbearable! Couldn’t sit in the kitchen without sweating.

17 March 2018

As far as it goes, these halls are lovely. Next door to Steinbeck and Shaw, over the road from town and Tesco along with the student lounge and bakery right downstairs. The building is security run and you generally feel safe here, and the fixtures are all modern. However you can always hear music from the club next door or from the church on the other side, and you receive hefty fines if you fail your kitchen inspection. In my flat our sofas were falling apart and it took the university 6 months to do something about it, and sometimes our heating or hot water will go out for a day with no warning. It’s possibly the best Halls at CCCU

10 March 2018

St George’s is a modern, accomadating halls which helped me settle in at uni very well. Located above the SU, there was always somthing going on to get involved in, allowing you to meet friends.

2 March 2018

I have loved staying at St George’s so far. It’s facilities are incredible and the security team are so great. I’ve felt so safe during my time and I think that’s what you need for the first time away from home. Repairs are also great. Whenever you report a fault with something, the team will email straight back and fix it as soon as possible. The only bad thing about it is that it is above the student union and right next door is Steinbeck and Shaw, which is a good thing because you don’t have to venture far to go out, but it does get really loud. That’s the only thing that’s bad though, so I would really recommend St George’s!

22 February 2018

Great location in the Centre of Canterbury, right by the town centre and a few supermarkets. Had a great social aspect.

Victoria Obiago
24 January 2018

The Halls itself is ideal as it is located about 15 minutes from the main campus and 15 minutes from the library. It is also located very close to the city centre. There is the student union below the flats which is cool. My room is a perfect size with a decent ensuite.