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I lived in Benson House for my first year. The location is great: 10 minutes from town, 5 from the library and 30 seconds from the club! It's a little further to uni (20 mins) which was sometimes a pain. The security were mostly friendly. The kitchen was a little small for 7 people and there wasn't anywhere we could all sit and socialise, but amenities were good. I had an en suite which was great, my room was small but was suitable with enough storage space and shelves. Each flat is quite separate and there are no communal areas so the social experience was quite limited, but I did get on well with the girls in my flat and went on to live with them in second year. Overall I enjoyed my time at Pin Hill.

Not bad overall to be fair, it just sucks if you're a social person like myself as there is NO social space. It is also not the easiest to make friends from other flats because of that lack of social space... getting to club chemistry is never a problem and for being next to station you never hear the trains but if you're an early sleeper on the weekends bring earplugs due to drunk people outside of chemistry but everyone having their own bathroom is a GOD SEND!

Pin hill is a nice modern place to stay with newly furnished building. It is close to the train station and the town and very near the library

Overpriced for what is provided and had a lot of problems with the freezers and the repairs people didn't respond quickly and had to use a friends freezer to make sure our food didn't go off.

The rooms are nice and massive. There's a living room for us student to interact with each other and watch tv. Although, the kitchens are quite small. However, you are close to the town center.

My room has been redone and it’s so nice. I have a pretty small room but I have a double bed so it doesn’t matter as much. The kitchen is very small and there isn’t a space to socialise but it’s a good price for what we get.

Pin hill is terrible. We don’t have hot water except for the electric shower, even though they’ve claimed lots of times that they were going to fix it. Pin hill threatens of fine us for everything even though security is only is office half the time which is strange for 24 hour security. If you live in pin hill you can forget receive packages too because the security office is never open to receive it.

Danielle Thompsett

We had a few heating issues at the start but it was soon fixed. Security were all friendly and willing to help. Cleaning staff were understanding also. I had one roommate and were very comfortable, room sizes are unexpected, they are huge!