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18 November 2018

Petros court is a nice accomodation, the outside presentation is very appealing, however, it is a bit overrated for the price I m paying, I have to still pay for washing and the guest rules are too strict.

18 November 2018

Petros court has a great location. It is right behind the library which is great if you have seminars in there and an easy walk for when you want to do some quiet studying. Petros is a 15 minute walk from the university campus, a 5 minute walk from the bus station and town centre. The rooms are a great size, and has an en suite bathroom and the kitchen/lounge area is also spacious and cozy.

18 November 2018

The accommodation is very modern with good room sizes and flats with as little as 3 rooms. I like the security of the complex as it has secure gates and 24 hour guards. I would say it is a little expensive however and I ended up falling out with my flat mates so not the best memories.

18 November 2018

Good location in central Canterbury, right by the local station (2mins) Facilities are ok A good night life, clubs really close Room ok but no heating

8 August 2018

Petros Court has to be one of the safest accommodations in Canterbury. With the security gates that are monitored by staff 24/7 you feel very safe and looked after. Petros is the newest accommodation to be built and you can tell once inside. The rooms are spacious wel equipped. The onsuite is good for size. Shower works well - just a bit small. With a double bed provided and a big desk space. It made me feel comfortable and secure living here.

4 July 2018

I have just moved out of Petros after finishing my first year at uni doing Early Childhood Studies. The rooms are so big and spacious with a comfortably sized en suite and comes with plenty of storage as well as other amenities like a wastebin and a fan. The kitchen is large and has all the things needed like a toaster, microwave, oven and fridge freezer. There’s also an outside seating area which is perfect for nicer weather. The security team are also really helpful and are so quick to answer any queries. The best bit about halls was being right on my friends doorstep so I could see them whenever I wanted and being able to have my own freedom and independence. I would say it is a little on the expensive side (£6680 in total has to be paid) but you pay for the room, toilet, outdoor areas as well as the security so all in all it’s good value for money.

22 June 2018

Had a great year first year in my accommodation and will miss it, the room was spacious with a comfortable bed and a large work area. The kitchen and lounge area was a good size for all three of us with all equipment provided for us. The location was the best part of this accommodation being only a 3 minute walk to the centre of Canterbury, therefore easy access to do food shopping.Overall I enjoyed staying here and would recommend to anyone, however I feel the price is a bit steep and not justified.

20 April 2018

This is meant to be one of the nicest as it is the most expansive. It is really nice and the rooms are big, the facitlitys are nice. It's great that it is right next to the libary but the gate rules and security are a bit too much. The thing that runied the experice for me were the people knocking on our doors at 8 am for a room inspection alot more often than I found appropriate with fines for things that wouldn't be considered in any other accomidation. Over all it is very nice but not worth the money especially with the new accommodation being built right next to it with alot more to offer.

19 April 2018

Located in a great area, only 5 minute walk to the centre of Canterbury. The accommodation itself is nice with spacious rooms and a modern kitchen with modern appliances. I would recommed to a friend. However it is somewhat hard to justify the price of the accommodation as it is too high in my opinion.

17 April 2018

The location of my accommodation is absolutely perfect in the sense that I live right in front of the library! So there has never been an excuse for me to go. The only downside however (even though it was my choice) is that I pay a LOT a month! So I have to spend money very wisely which I'm only starting to get used to.

25 March 2018

Close to everything Good big room Kitchen is basically broken Annoying gate to get in Good night life but pricey £167 per week for rent but not bad for the room you get

15 March 2018

Lovely rooms but awfully expensive for student accommodation. 24 hour security gives peace of mind but there are strict rules on visitors which can ruin part of the Uni experience.

15 March 2018

The location is perfect- right behind the library and 5 minute walk from town. Security is absolutely amazing and would do anything to help. 5 minute walk from the local nightclub which is perfect so no cabs needed. Rooms are modern and are a generous size all with ensuites.

12 March 2018

Petros Court is amazing! It gives you enough room for personal space and along time yet has a large kitchen/lounge to socialise in. The security are great and are all lovely. I feel extremely safe here as you need a key card to even get through the gate.

10 March 2018

location - not bad. pretty close to chem and library and not far from town. new building, very hot though.

25 February 2018

Everything isn’t great. Good kitchen size, bedrooms are big and bathroom is good too. Security are always helpful and the location is great too

11 February 2018

The security here is too overwhelming as back gate is shut from 7pm-7am and only allowed two nights of a single guest for each week. room is nice, however the air vent is not good enough.

29 January 2018

The whole establishment is very hot and constantly the heating is on. It’s very modern although there isn’t many communal areas. The front room and kitchen are linked. The hallway to get into your flat is always dirty, the lift too. 24 hour security although they treat us like children and undermine us.

30 December 2017

Perfect location. Directly behind the library, a short walk to town and the university, and near the main club. The rooms are really nice and spacious, with good ensuite facilities and desk/storage space. Possibly needs more general communal areas.

28 December 2017

The location of the halls was reasonably good. It was seconds away from the library, a few minutes from the town centre and a few minutes from the main club and train station. The only issue was that it was a 15-20 minute walk to main campus. The quality of the halls was good, with it being a fairly new build, and the security were fantastic - really kind and supportive but also great at dealing with issues surrounding sound and unwanted guests. The WiFi took a long time to be installed in rooms, causing a lot of issues surrounding university work.

15 November 2017

Great location, a stone throw away from the town centre of Canterbury. The accommodation is very modern and nice to live in with good kitchen facilities and spacious room what have comfortable beds. The only downside is the price but overall it's a great accommodation to live in and would recommend to to future students.