Revolution Bar

157th in Nightlife
2nd in Cambridge

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28 November 2018

Great venue with great music. Stands out for being the most good looking bar In the area. Prices are slightly higher but worth the money for the service. Would recommend

28 November 2018

Good atmosphere, spacious dance floor but drinks are a little expensive. They are very welcoming to students and do 2 for 1 cocktails at certain times. They also do discounted entry

27 November 2018

Revolution provided a great night out, the music was good they offered two different djs so there was music for everyone's taste, very student friendly, however a bit on the expensive side, this can be avoided by pre drinking though.

27 November 2018

Guaranteed good night out at revs, always good music. There's 3 floors so something for everyone. Only downside is it's so popular so need to get there early to avoid queues and can get really full inside.

25 June 2018

Revs is the best in Cambridge. A good array of nights, my favourite is industry night on Sundays. It's a perfect balance of relaxed night and a bit of dancing and fun :) best cocktails too!

22 June 2018

The vodka terrace is amazing!! Rest of the club also not bad, good pub quiz and and a deal on Tuesdays where you get 2 drinks for the price of one if you flip a coin.

22 June 2018

Nice club with a good variety of drinks and a large area for a good night out. Most of the staff are well trained and nice withope a good variety of music on the different floors although there are a lot of stairs so it's not particularly disabled friendly

17 June 2018

Best club in Cambridge - it can be a bit pricey, but the cocktails are so good, and the interior looks great with a great atmosphere! Also love the quiz nights.

1 May 2018

Ridiculously overpriced. Very mediocre dj that played old songs, i would say this club is more for people in their mid 30s and upwards.

22 April 2018

Revolution is truly one of my favorite bars/clubs to go to. I’ve never been to it during the day, I believe it’s a restaurant, however at night it has always been the most fun. The only negative is the entry fee, most other clubs in Cambridge you can get into for free on some nights if you go before a certain time. However Revs is great to students and has drink deals that are quite affordable, my favourite is the stick of shots, it’s 6£ and comes with 6 different flavoured shots, perfect to do with friends!

21 April 2018

Nice place, but always jam-packed and somehow more expensive than the one in Ipswich. But this is the best place to go if you want to dance the night away

21 April 2018

I do not think I have ever had a bad night out at Revolution Bar. Always a good night! It tends not to be as crowded as the other venues in Cambridge but is still busy enough to give a party vibe which is good! The drinks be expensive compared to other places but that is my only criticism!

16 March 2018

LOVE REVS!!! Amazing Music, great atmosphere, the staff are friendly and welcoming!! The terrace area is great for socialising and the second floor with all the cheesy old music is what makes my night!!!

5 March 2018

Music is always good. Quite spacious as it has four floors and is generally a nice atmosphere for a club/bar. Been during the day aswell and they serve great food.

5 March 2018

Revolution is a vibrant and buzzing club perfect for any student looking for a great night out. With a fantastic selection of drinks including the excellent cocktails and colourful shot tray you’ll be spoilt for choice. Staff are friendly and with three floors all playing different music you’ll never get bored.

21 February 2018

Good at atmosphere and nice staff behind the bar but often find myself or friends being kicked out by the bouncers for unknown reasons. Have a good student night on Wednesday where the drinks are cheap. Not ideal for students on weekends as cost us £12 each to get in on a Saturday night.

9 February 2018

Every Wednesday for mid week mash up without a doubt the best bar / club I have been to during the week time. The atmosphere is great which comes along with all of the staff / barmen working in the night making it s thoroughly enjoyable experience.

7 February 2018

Revolution is a good bar/club to go to. The atmosphere is great, drink prices are reasonable. The music in the club js fantastic as they play songs from the 90’s to the current day.

2 February 2018

Best nightclub in cambridge between ballare lola lo kuda club novi every other nightclub in cambridge this is the best one

13 January 2018

Had an amazing Halloween hereeeee! So glad I got to experience it in Cambridge:) The popcorn, cotton candy, and drinks were so freaking good:)