Lola Lo (Cambridge)

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1st in Cambridge

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9 December 2018

Lovely atmosphere and great music. Especially liked the beach themed freebies. Drinks cheap to start with but after a certain time they got very expensive

9 December 2018

Lola Lo is a club in Cambridge. It has two dancelfloors, one of which lights up, and a rooftop terrace to sit down or for people to smoke. It is open pretty much everyday of the week with special student nights on Mondays (called Shameless), Wednesdays (J-Rocks) and Thursdays (Let's kill Disco). The music varies, with mostly chart music on the second dancefloor and international music on the first dancefloor, making it ideal for anyone to party to. It's usually opened until 3 or 3.30am and is in central cambridge. They have good drink deals which makes it ideal for students (e.g. £1.50 Fosters) and have a student card to get specific drink deals making it student friendly. All in all it is good value for money, the music is always good, so is the atmosphere and in my opinion it's the best club in Cambridge. Student nights are pretty much always busy and it's always a good laugh!

9 December 2018

Venue was cool. The outside area for smoking was on the top floor so meant you didn't have to step outside. Good deals on shots. Bar staff were nice although bouncers could be a bit unfriendly.

9 December 2018

Really cool club with 2 dance floors and a 3rd top floor to chill ! Love the environment! Great for a fun night out with your friends, if you get a loyalty card or the app you get discounts too! Amazing cocktails half the price with the app, shots are really cheap as well, overall a great night club we need more like these in Cambridge.

10 July 2018

Friendly club playing well known tunes which you can all sing along to. 3 floors including the open rooftop bar give you a chance to change it up. Sometimes the second floor is closed off however. Thursday nights are the best times to go, it can be quite dead otherwise. Look out for people giving away free entry or cheap entry vouchers around the other club venues. Have had fantastic times here!

7 July 2018

Great music and drinks- a super fun night where you’re never bored and everyone is really friendly.

21 June 2018

Lola Lo’s Is one of the best nightclubs in Cambridge. Being in the heart of Cambridge ensures there is always things going on and an amazing atmosphere. I’ve never known a club like it, with good music, fun floors and great staff. Drinks are absolutely delicious and worth the prices. Always go to this club without fail for a good night

11 June 2018

3 floors with a partly covered smoking area on the top floor, funky dancefloor tiles and great drinks offers

9 June 2018

Fun, entertaining, good music. A bit too crowded usually. 3 different floors with different music and design.

8 June 2018

Great place! AmaIng vibes and all around fantastic atmosphere. Would reccomend to any student for the Student nights as drinks are crazy cheap!

4 June 2018

Always a great Monday night, bar staff very friendly, something to definitely attend every week. Good variety of music and cheap drinks deals.

24 April 2018

Great on a Monday night, drinks are a resonable price, staff are nice, play good music. They have a few different floors open with a light up dance floor and a great smoking area

24 April 2018

Always really busy and filled with students from both Cambridge University’s. Sometimes the venue is too busy and overcrowded on the ground floor, which can be uncomfortable. Always has up to date music and the entry isn’t expensive. Inside space for smokers.

17 April 2018

Always the best music with a loyalty card which allows partying for every budget. Colourful venue and multiple events lasting all week.

8 April 2018

3 floors of tiki maddness, banging tunes and cheap(ish) drinks. Lola's on Monday is super busy, so would recommend going on this night in particular. Order the 83% rum!!!!!

5 April 2018

Lola lo is a great club for students with two dancing floors and amazing atmosphere. I love the decoration, the cocktails, some of the bartenders are awesome and the music is great. However, sometimes the entry is quite expensive and some of the drinks as well.

7 March 2018

Now then.. This place is your standard nightclub bar. Loud mainstream music with 18-25 year olds dancing like idiots. Drinks are standard rip off prices which is good for central Cambridge. Massive queues which stretch to different streets. One in, one out policy. If you want to get pissed and be surrounded by people your age, Lola's is the place.

20 February 2018

So affordable for students especially on Mondays and wednesdays! It’s so close to the student accommodation so not far to walk, it’s safe all of the bar staff etc are so friendly. Atmosphere is amazing once the night gets going and the music is always great, mix of everything in there, would 100% recommend.

17 February 2018

Warm atmosphere, everyone friendly, bouncers stern, drinks weren’t too pricey, cheapest was like a pound

2 February 2018

Great place, always have fun clubbing here. Atmosphere is always good, music is good. Would definitely recommend to freshers

26 January 2018

Brilliant night out. Great value for money. Won’t have a better night out. Greatly themed. Great music. All around brilliant