Fez Club

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4th in Cambridge

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They always play good music, friendly staff and just a good venue to club with friends. Downsides are that it's quite small and dirty, especially the toilets with no locks on doors. Often you can get free entry which is a major bonus for students.

The drinks are very well priced with the loyalty app (but can be extortionate without), however certain drinks are 'watered down'. At the Fez Club I go to, the jaegerbombs are frequently jaeger and water (not red bull). The music is good for alternative/2000s alt-pop tastes mainly.

The club is really good, in terms of thee staff it's good. Great way to meet new people. The music is really good especially fez Tuesday when the basement music comes in....you already know what happens

repetitive music they massively overcharged my friend for the cloakroom and never gave her her jacket back, no response given

The Club is very cool, good music, good atmosphere. All people dancing, drinking and enjoying themselves

Everyone is really welcoming, the music is mostly grime if that’s what you’re into. However it is extremely hot!

It is a small venue. Outside smoking area. Gets hot inside. Range of music depending on the night. Very cheap drinks If you have the app to give you a discount

Millie-Jane Adcock

This venue is great value - I've never known it to cost more than a fiver to get in, and drinks are good value especially if you have the app. Jaeger bombs for £1.50 and cocktails for £2.95, you can't complain! I particularly enjoy Friday nights where Fez hosts Propaganda nights, full of rock, metal and alternative music. As someone who had never been to a club before Fez, it has done a great job of making me a big fan of Friday nights out!

Since freshers week I have been to propaganda hosted at fez every Friday, it’s been almost my main way of making friends and letting my hair down, it’s full with a mix of people such as students from both respected unis. As well as offering drinks promotions and the friendly staff the overall atmosphere is like a house party loads of people and you never feel out of place. The venue hosts over events meaning that throughout the week there is a night for everyone, with bounce, indie, rock, chart and house nights what else is there you want?? Well with special themed nights tshirt giveaways and dj sets by famous people. I Have not had a dull night out since being at uni

Grimy, dirty, badly layed out, but it's got the best music and the best people in Cambridge. No one comes here to show off their blue or to "be seen".

Fez club is a go to place for most students, primarily on a friday night me and my friends. on this night they are hosted by propaganda in which mainly plays punk and old rock music. the atmosphere is great and friendly, definitely worth going if you are into that genre of music.

Best club in town, alternative music and super chill environment away from the classic pretentiousness of commercial clubs. And the only club where you can buy drinks at actual student prices!

Definitely the best club in Cambridge, away from the classic pretentious ambience of commercial clubs, with chill and fun people and alternative music.

Bouncers are rude as heck. The club is a sweat box. Sweat literally drips from the ceiling. The music played is awful!!

Honestly one of the better places to go in Cambridge. There's music for everyone to enjoy and the loyalty app makes it super cheap for students on a budget. Their events are always great with t shirt giveaways and money drops.

If great music, cheap drinks, and sweaty dancing are your cup of tea, I'll see you at Fez any night!

Tuesdays are great, hip hop, dancehall and grime is played. Only thing is it’s quite small, gets really hot and sweaty in there