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Decent venue, some good nights on a Wednesday and Friday. Good that has two rooms with different music, but can get way too packed. Bouncers can be a bit rude

A Nice place even tho some people like to fight in there A great space but they could expand the Latin floor since the other one is not that popular

Amazing venue, amazing music, very student friendly, very good value for money

Very busy on Wednesdays (a popular student night) so need to get tickets in advance! Music is mainly pop and quite cheesy, which makes for a fun night with friends.

The venue is always hyped and a great value for money, drinks are of good price and usually a strong dj/ act on. This is our go to student night out more a Friday than Saturday. Great outdoor area for when it gets too warm as well. Staff patient and helpful. Would definitely recommend

There is sometimes good music. Often there are also cheap drinks in the bar. Themed nights are common and often very niche and fun. But sometimes it is not a good vibe.

It was amazing Went with 6 of my friends in freshers week and I loved it. Would definitely recommend

Can't get a better Wednesday night in Cambridge! 30 second cycles of some classic tunes and a large social smoking area. Only criticism is in the price of drinks, more student deals would be very appreciated.

Very friendly great armosphere would be better if u pay for something on entry instead of just paying to get in

Music is good but gets quite repetitive night after night. Decent drinks but the place can get extremely crowded. Worth going in large groups to book the VIP seating area and decent entry fee. Usually a good night out- standard for Cambridge students.

Cheap drinks at 4 jäger bombs for £10. Good student night where tickets are sold by actual students, however this can make it hard to get tickets so buy well in advance. Music is terrible as cut all songs off after 30 seconds. Very grimy place so have to pre a lot to not hate it.

The club is okay on the scale of Cambridge clubs but too brightly lit in my opinion on student nights it feels like a school disco. That being said staff are generally quite helpful and the music is pretty standard top charts!

The atmosphere is great if a bit crowded, and the queue can be long but on a Wednesday night there's no better place to be! They play bangers all night long and the drinks are a reasonable price. Would definitely recommend

I have been going to Ballare for the past couple of years. I love the how the music matches its atmosphere. Everything about it creates a vibrant night.

Too crowded but good smoking areas. Drinks too expensive though even non alcoholic ones. Music can vary but they need to stop playing lion king.

Cheesy tunes which can be great or awful depending on your taste. Bouncers are usually ok but have heard complaints about them. Drinks not too expensive.

Fleet Friday is the best night. Drinks sometimes cheap. R&B music, different events on during Friday night's.

The music is good depending on the night although different nights for Different crowns is good. Alcohol gets more expensive throughout the night

Really great. Friday nights are especially good with the music catering for all genres and tastes. The toilets could do with a bit of a clean but other than that all is good really.

Good event, conditions of club were less than perfect though. Floor was sticky, but I guess this is hard to avoid. Music was decent, drinks expensive.

Terrible, terrible music. I'm fairly sure the same playlist has been use for the 3 years I've been in Cambridge. Highlights include music from Frozen and Grease... If you're drunk enough, it's OK - but 'drunk enough' in this case is at least for me too drunk, so not really worth it. Not much atmosphere - just some generic lighting and smoke. But despite that, it is very popular, and cheap, and so it is one of the main destinations for going out on a weeknight as a student.

This club is overpriced and overcrowded. The music is cheesey and fun but toilets mostly broken. Drinks are expensive.

the queues are ridiculous and the music changes very quickly, and sometimes it just gets too busy. And if you want to guarantee getting in, you have to start queueing at 9.30pm!

Often have to queue for over an hour by which time you get sober as you can't take drinks into the queue. It is too packed inside so you cant dance and you cannot find your friends. Music is as generic as it gets and Cindies (as it is popularly known) merely rides on a reputation as the place to be. Costs £5 for what would be free in most cities. notoriously plays circle of life from the lion king.