Peter Taylor House

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16 March 2018

The location is very good as not only is it surrounded by all of the university building s but it I close to the town and supermarkets which is handy . The facilities are working on my floor but there have been many problems throughout the building plus the lift always breaks.

8 March 2018

The social experience at Peter Taylor house is by far the only positive to this accommodation. The people are sociable, funny and always up for anything. The facilities however are embarrassing ovens, lights, extractors etc don’t work aswell as many other things here.

23 February 2018

Overall, the Peter Taylor rooms are a decent size with a good sized ensuite bathroom. I share a kitchen with 7 others and the facilities are sufficient enough. However, one of the main problems I've had is that whenever there has been an issue it has taken quite a while to get it fixed. The environment itself doesn't suit me as I am not into partying as much as everyone else and frequently am woken up early hours of the morning by drunk people coming home from a club.