Pembroke College

14th in Cambridge



Great that the college offers accommodation for all years of your degree- this isn't common amongst Oxford colleges so definitely a bonus. Also very well-located - central and largely quiet. However, the accommodation is hugely expensive for what it is. Especially when so many of the rooms are outdated. In my final year I got back pain from the poor mattresses and I would wake up with paint on my forehead as the paint job was so old that it would flake off. Freshers would make a lot of noise which made it difficult to concentrate as a final year student, but porters took care of this the vast majority of times. Note that if you stay in the GAB they cannot do this for you.


My accommodation is perfectly central, making everything I need to get to within easy walking distance. My room is really lovely and all of my friends are close by so it is just as social as I could want it to be