Collier Road

20th in Cambridge



My accommodation is on Collier Road in Cambridge. It is only 2 min away from the university and has 6 bedrooms, 1 dinning room, 1 kitchen, 1 garden and 2 showers with toilets. My roommates are all very nice and we also had a Facebook messenger group before arriving here. And it was easy to learn to know them - just be open and friendly. Also many supermarkets are very near even though they can be pricey but there is also an ASDA 16 min away. Some roommates tend to leave their dirty dishes in the sink or do not clean their mess in the shared areas. But here I would say that communication is a key to a cleaner house. It was very easy to collect my key in the office one first day. And I was also able to connect myself with the internet in my accommodation even though I forgot to sign in before arrival. One thing to bear in mind is that only the first lock out is free (in case you forgot you keys in your room and lock yourself out) but there will be more information about that after you arrive here. Overall I would say is a nice accommodation!