The Royal Pavilion Tavern

415th in Nightlife
10th in Brighton

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18 November 2018

This is a great place for students to hang out as the drinks are cheap and there's a good atmosphere. There's sometimes a dj so that you can have a dance as well. It's in the centre on Brighton so not far to go to do stuff after either

18 November 2018

Value for money is great. Monday's and Thursday's are the perfect student nights. Pav tav is always a reliable night out, to go to before clubbing or just to go to for a few drinks and a dance.

18 November 2018

Pav Tavs has a good vibe, cheap drinks and always student deals, good for just a few drinks or pre drinks before a night out. Staff are friendly, bouncers always quite funny as well. Upstairs can be hired out and is aa good night out with a good amount of space, and the opportunity to dj there as well. But, it is a bit old-looking and run-down. It also has a smoking area which is outside on the streets which makes it quite difficult and must be annoying for passers-by.

9 August 2018

Great little pub with an always busy / lively atmosphere. Perfect location, very near old steine bus stop! Drinks and food are good but on a Thursday you’ll get your hands on a pint for £1.50!!! (Perfect for playing truth or dare too, the DJ is always very happy to be in a selfie or to let you wear his hat)

2 May 2018

Pav Tav has the cheapest drinks on student nights in the whole of Brighton. I didn’t even realise there was a music venue upstairs either until a few weeks ago! Had some great pres there. One of my favourite places to go before going out out.

11 April 2018

Great pub to chill with mates. Excellent prices and a very cool atmosphere. In the centre of Brighton so great for pre drinks.

11 April 2018

Great pub to hang around with mates and have a couple of pool games. Very cheap pints and nice music. In the centre of town so always good for cheap pre drinks.

21 March 2018

Know someone who was spiked here and according to police it is not uncommon at this establishment, don’t go here. It may be cheap so if you go, so if you want to run the risk, at least go in a big group.

12 March 2018

The Pav Tav is definitely one of the best bars in Brighton. The atmosphere is amazing as the pub is very student oriented (low prices, TV screens and a pool table). The location is also great with amazing transport links to the town centre, clubs and universities due to its proximity to Old Steine. The only downside is that it can get a little crowded, but that's only because everyone wants to take advantage of Pav Tav's assets. I sincerely recommend it.