Revolution Bar (Brighton)

185th in Nightlife
7th in Brighton

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27 November 2018

Bar has a very good atmosphere but prices are expensive compared to other places. Would be good to do more student deals if you show a valid student or NUS card

27 November 2018

Good value for money with the sports card snd good venue and atmosphere. Very friendly for students. Good selection of drinks

27 November 2018

Really good deals throughout the week lots of 2for1 offers on drinks even on a Friday night. Good mixture of music and not just mashed up mainstream. Latin music, rnb, house. It has a bit of everything for everyone.

27 November 2018

I liked how they had 3 different rooms with different styles of music, catered to people with othet music tastes. Frinks were affordavle and there was a safe place to hang coats- there was security there the whole time.

21 June 2018

Not very cheap for students. Think it’s a rip off how much they’ve charge and the venue is shit, there’s never enough space for everyone And they have tables on the door floorn

20 June 2018

Interior of the bar is really nice and tasteful, and it’s nice that there is separated areas for specific events. The upstairs bar is particularly nice and the fact shishas are available in the garden makes this bar different from other locations in Brighton. Entry and drinks can be overpriced during the weekend but there are a few good students deals on shots and cocktails. As a whole the range of drinks is pretty good, they are all pretty sweet though.

18 June 2018

Revs Brighton is pretty amazing except it is quite pricey and is quite small for the size. Because of this, often when the place is packed and even if it is not packed, it gets very smelly and gross.

24 April 2018

Has a great student night with amazing drinks deals, including delicious cocktails and a fun atmosphere. Relaxing outside area and multiple rooms for different experiences

20 April 2018

They do food in the day and a mixture of open mics and dance music at the bar during the night. The building is nicely lit and for the most part hygienic the only thing Is the pricing of drinks is a bit steep so you gotta make sure you prink alot before hand, but but that's not exactly uncommon in Brighton

24 February 2018

Quite expensive but great fun, amazing cocktails and loads of flavoured shots. Great outside area too and always good music

30 January 2018

Brilliant vibe, amazing music, even better cocktails. This place is fantastic value and ideal for chilled or wild nights!

25 January 2018

Amazing vodka deals and great music. Places to dance as well as places to sit and chill. I had a great time. It's a great place to have pres, as well as a great place to stay and dance. The staff are really friendly.

24 January 2018

This bar is amazing. Its super friendly, reasonbly priced drinks and music that is good for all. Ive been here quiet a bit with friends and we all love it.

3 January 2018

Great location, near the beach and has lots of great music in the 3 rooms it hosts. Definitely recommend, however drinks can be a little expensive.

3 January 2018

Very fun, has 3 rooms and great music in each. Drinks can be a little expensive but the location is great and atmosphere.

16 November 2017

Bit pricey but worth it! Try to get in before the evening rush hits to get a better feel for the place.

15 November 2017

The cocktails here are amazing. They are all made professionally, efficiently, and taste amazing. The deals that come along with the Revs card are also very good and suit me and my friends very well.