The Haunt

25th in Nightlife
2nd in Brighton

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1 May 2018

Favourite club in Brighton by far! Really good music, not so big that if you wander off you'll never find your friends again. Also if you're organised and you buy your tickets well in advance, for one pound you can get queue jump and a free jagerbomb. Always good for a night out.

28 April 2018

Great venue, great events! Student night on a Monday with drink deals. Saturday is always 80's night and it's definitely one of the best in Brighton.

23 April 2018

Haunt Mondays are 10/10, great atmosphere and the bar staff are really friendly. It is really cheap there on a Monday because of student nights. The music is like alternative rock and indie and stuff like that. Would recommend anyone going to the haunt.

17 April 2018

Great venue, good location. Good drinks deals and friendly staff. Always have a good night here, wish there was more variety of nights though. Queue for cloak room is also not ideal but other than that, fab

15 April 2018

Best club in Brighton! Monday nights are the best and the music is so good. Theme nights are also great. Great value for money, can get £1 entry and drinks cheap with a double being £2.50. Only issue is that the bouncers aren't great but once in the club your bound to have a fab night.

11 April 2018

The venue is smaller then you would expect but always manages to collect the right amount of people. Its a very friendly place and the drinks are generally cheap. The music depends on the night but it tends to be spot on. All in all a good night out

9 April 2018

So I recently went to the haunt with my friends for a night out, on arrival location is prime right next to the seafront and near on of the main bus stops in town. The bouncers were cool and chatty but its cash only so had to go next door to an atm and had tocrewait in the qeue again which i thought was wrong because we waiting for 40 min before and another 30 after. The venue itself is alright in terms of space but the use of it could be made much better, there was alot of empty space which ppl just stood around even some seating there would have been chilled and alot nicer. The music was alright, quite a perticualr pop, top 50 vibe but i guess if thats ur thing it aint bad, although upstairs was quite small and drinks a bit expensive with the bar staff being incredibly rude to me for no reason. Left early but was a decent night if ur bareee waveedd.

8 April 2018

Good atmosphere, always full of students. Cheap drinks and decent music all night long. The music is usually cheesy, but there’s also loads of alternative and rock.

8 April 2018

Perfect size, perfect music (Mr bright side)l cheap drinks, however shouldn't have a 10 quid card limit, quite annoying

6 April 2018

Five jäger bombs for five pounds on Monday at fat poppadaddys and Thursday at secret discotheque is absolutely fabulous for my bank account, great music and really friendly staff. However, the cloakroom is really small and there have been a few times where it has been full and I’ve had to keep my coat on in a hot club which is not ideal.

3 April 2018

The haunt is a bustling hub for younger people looking to enjoy their night. It isn’t the flashiest venue, but what it lacks for in fancy lights it more than makes up for with a buzzing atmosphere and some very cool theme nights. Through the week it is also pretty good value for money, with cheap entry and non absurd drink prices.

2 April 2018

Monday’s are the best for students! Decent music and the venue is great, also conveniently right by takeaway shops for after!

28 March 2018

The club is perfect for uni students wanting a break from the rowdier clubs like pryzm, with a much smaller venue but great atmosphere! The range of music nights are brilliant, and with the occasional concert night there are lots of options to suit any music taste. The music is great on club nights, especially fat poppadaddy’s on a Monday night to kick start the week! The value for money for entry is good, as long as you put name on the facebook guest list, and even better if you end up bumping into a promoter with wristbands for free jägers. Amazing night out.

20 March 2018

Good price for students! Always variety of events on ie 80s night, hip hop nights, old skool nights. Friendly door staff and bar staff. Good music, good atmosphere. Near the bus stops so easy to get home after

19 March 2018

Monday night Haunt is my favourite night out in Brighton! I’ve been on other nights too and have never been disappointed. Only negative comment would be about the £5 minimum card spend at the bar, can mean it ends up being quite an expensive night! Also, I question how safe it is because it means that people have to buy 2 drinks when they only wanted 1 if they don’t have cash, which I’ve seen leave some of my friends way too drunk.

13 March 2018

Top quality events with amazing drinks deals especially on Mondays. Also has great gigs on throughout the week, also close to great kebab and late night food places. Range of genres is also a great positive for this venue

12 March 2018

Really good club to go to, great themed nights and often drinks offers. They do have a £10 minimum card spend thiugh so make sure you've got some cash!

11 March 2018

Shit Pop is the best night out you're ever gonna experience! The music has got an incredibly wide range and you're definitely gonna know 90% of the songs!

6 March 2018

S*** pop event nights are fab, never not had a good night. Staff all seem friendly and the venue is really student friendly

6 March 2018

Great venue, go on the right night and the drinks/entry are student friendly! Music is brilliant, especially on a monday - couldn’t recommend enough!

3 March 2018

Very student friendly especially on monday nights for Fat Poppadaddys. £3 entry before midnight and £2.50 doubles all night! If you sign up to their email list you get a free jäger bomb!

26 February 2018

This venue has the best music events in Brighton. The most recent trap night hosted in haunt was the best night out I've had in Brighton. The drink prices are totally reasonable. It is my favourite club I've been to in Brighton, it's the best club to go to with all your mates. The club can get crammed at times.

22 February 2018

Good student night, reasonable prices. Good genders of music. Pretty good value for money. Always busy and packed full of students.

21 February 2018

Mondays: amazing music, real rock / indie pop night with arctic monkeys, nirvana, oasis and the likes. As well as this, a smattering of pop classics are chucked in for good measure. Particularly popular current songs are played too - something for everyone. Super student friendly. Drinks deals left right and centre, so cheap and freebies if you book in advance with tickets online.