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2nd in Brighton

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21 February 2018

Mondays: amazing music, real rock / indie pop night with arctic monkeys, nirvana, oasis and the likes. As well as this, a smattering of pop classics are chucked in for good measure. Particularly popular current songs are played too - something for everyone. Super student friendly. Drinks deals left right and centre, so cheap and freebies if you book in advance with tickets online.

20 February 2018

Great venue, great music, great people and 5 Jagerbombs for a fiver! Overall an amazing night out. My personal favourite is the 'It Is Still 1985' night.

11 February 2018

Best place on earth. Monday’s and Thursday’s are the ONE. Such a good vibe, always feel super safe and it’s much less mainstream than some of the other places! Never had a bad night here lads

1 February 2018

Great venue, great staff, intimate enough to not lose your friends yet but enough to be able to mingle and have a great time! Also drinks deals are amazing!

15 November 2017

Only club where there aren't 37 year old men preying on newly turned 18 year old girls. It's shitty cheese music also, but the good kind of shitty cheese. Doubles are cheap and BIG UP HENRON, u the best