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18 November 2018

Great atmosphere, not too big, 80s music every Saturday night, different from most other night clubs which is a good thing.

Charlie Brackenborough
18 November 2018

I've had many good nights at the haunt. The music is well varied and always gets the club rocking. Drinks deals are decent. Only downside is small stairs up to near the DJ is sometimes difficult to get up especially when drunk

18 November 2018

Amazing night out! Only issue I have is the queues sometimes but worth it when there's a good night on.

18 November 2018

The Haunt has a wonderful atmosphere, very friendly staff, good music that suits everyone, especially on a Monday, and it is good value for money. I would definitely recommend this to students looking for a cheap yet fun night out.

18 November 2018

The haunt is a great club and offered great value for money at £5 entry with solid prices on drinks. It is the only club that plays old school music other that is good unlike Pryzm.

18 November 2018

best club to go To with a group, decent prices during the week & always a good Saturday night at the 1989 event

18 November 2018

The Haunt; what this small venue lacks in size it more than makes up for in personality. A hidden gem in Brighton, this club gives you so many different themed nights per week you could go every day and have a different amazing experience every time! Go on a Monday for the unbeatable Fat Poppadaddy's night: rock and indie pop galore. With £2.50 doubles and 2 Jägerbombs for a fiver, you can have the maddest night of the week for the lowest price. Don't forget to book advance tickets online for only £1 if you're early enough (!!!) AND get queue jump before midnight!

5 July 2018

Yeh Haunt is an amazing place to go, there are several different themed nights like indie, 90s and the best is 80s on a Saturday. The layout inside is simple and easy to navigate and the staff are always friendly. It is close to the seafront and to the centre of town so it is easily accessible and the taxi ranks and bus stops are very close. Entry is usually cheap and there is always space in the cloak room.

26 June 2018

Best club in Brighton. Friendly chilled out staff and cheap drinks. and best of all great music and the best kind of people come to the haunt with the best vibes. WOOOO

23 June 2018

Amazing buzzing atmosphere with a lot going on. Great people, great night, great club! Love it!! Close to the centre of Brighton and the beach which is handy. There was a good vibe and everyone looked like they were enjoying themselves. Security were good too making sure the club was safe and everyone was safe too

19 June 2018

My favourite place to go out- cheap drink deals and great music. People who work there are friendly and serve quickly making sure you always have a great night.

15 June 2018

The Haunt is a really easy venue to get to sort of near the seafront that is cheap and has a range of different events on all the times ! Haunt Monday’s or the 80’s nights on Saturday are my favourite, and you can’t go wrong with spending a few £s on entry. Easy bloody peasy.

4 June 2018

Always a good night, good music friendly staff chill vibes and cheap ish drinks (for Brighton)!!! Loads of different nights to suit all and some banging gigs. 10/10 would recommend

28 April 2018

Great venue, great events! Student night on a Monday with drink deals. Saturday is always 80's night and it's definitely one of the best in Brighton.

23 April 2018

Haunt Mondays are 10/10, great atmosphere and the bar staff are really friendly. It is really cheap there on a Monday because of student nights. The music is like alternative rock and indie and stuff like that. Would recommend anyone going to the haunt.

8 April 2018

Perfect size, perfect music (Mr bright side)l cheap drinks, however shouldn't have a 10 quid card limit, quite annoying

2 April 2018

Monday’s are the best for students! Decent music and the venue is great, also conveniently right by takeaway shops for after!

20 March 2018

Good price for students! Always variety of events on ie 80s night, hip hop nights, old skool nights. Friendly door staff and bar staff. Good music, good atmosphere. Near the bus stops so easy to get home after

13 March 2018

Top quality events with amazing drinks deals especially on Mondays. Also has great gigs on throughout the week, also close to great kebab and late night food places. Range of genres is also a great positive for this venue

12 March 2018

Really good club to go to, great themed nights and often drinks offers. They do have a £10 minimum card spend thiugh so make sure you've got some cash!

11 March 2018

Shit Pop is the best night out you're ever gonna experience! The music has got an incredibly wide range and you're definitely gonna know 90% of the songs!

3 March 2018

Very student friendly especially on monday nights for Fat Poppadaddys. £3 entry before midnight and £2.50 doubles all night! If you sign up to their email list you get a free jäger bomb!

26 February 2018

This venue has the best music events in Brighton. The most recent trap night hosted in haunt was the best night out I've had in Brighton. The drink prices are totally reasonable. It is my favourite club I've been to in Brighton, it's the best club to go to with all your mates. The club can get crammed at times.

22 February 2018

Good student night, reasonable prices. Good genders of music. Pretty good value for money. Always busy and packed full of students.