Club Revenge

20th in Nightlife
1st in Brighton

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8 January 2019

Good music and atmosphere but the drinks can be expensive, entry can be £1 with a promotion card until 11pm but after that is also expensive

8 January 2019

Club revenge is a great venue for a fun night out! The atmosphere is always great and very laid back. It's a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community to have a night out without having to worry about safety. Staff are always very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend revenge to any students in Brighton as you are guaranteed a good night out there!

7 January 2019

The club is a nice venue with a very friendly atmosphere - there is no worry about what people think about you or your appearance here. It has a positive attitude towards students and the music is decent (depending on your taste). Value for money is where things slip a little - it can be reasonably cheap on certain nights, but most of the time drinks are kind of a rip off.

7 January 2019

Good venue, with good space. Really nice bar staff and good value for money. Always have a good time and a messy night!

7 January 2019

A good club especially on weekends always plays decent throba k music, drinks aren't cheap but they aren't over pro Ed either. Easy to get to its just a minutes walk away from old stein bus stop. Student friendly definitely. Is an lgbt cub but its not exclusively that and evyrone will have a good time

7 January 2019

The best night out in Brighton hands down if you're into cheesy music. Inclusive and guaranteed to be a good night.

7 January 2019

The atmosphere is really great at the Revenge. It is very open and accepting. The music varies from 2000 to current pop. It is normally very busy on the nights it's open and the floor is big enough to cater well for this. The floor is also big which allows people to dance with more space. Entry is quick and easy with the queue moving fast. The drinks are not as expensive as other clubs in Brighton and are reasonably priced

7 January 2019

Good atmosphere with friendly staff and bouncers. Always play good music (sometimes cheesy tho) and have two dance floors with good events and deals particularly fomo (£1 entry and £1 drinks before midnight)

7 January 2019

My absolute favourite club to go to! The staff are always very friendly and welcoming and the atmosphere is very relaxed and positive. The music is normally pretty spot on and the lights are always sick.

7 January 2019

Really fun night out for all walks of people! Very helpful door staff! Great for a cheesy night out with friends! Went here for my 21st actually! Drinks a bit pricey actually

7 July 2018

1000% the best club I've ever been to. Drinks are so so cheap on a Thursday, security are bloody wicked, the atmosphere is amazing, such a awesome accepting place for everyone and anyone! x

29 June 2018

One of the best night out in brighton. Door staff are some of the only decent ones I’ve come across in the city; nice people that genuinely care for your safety, unlike the seafront club staff. Cheap drinks, good music, and good people.

12 June 2018

Very good club, enough different music to suit all tastes. Bar does become crowded and slow when they’re at peak business.

11 June 2018

Revenge on a Thursday night is one of the best student club nights in Brighton in my opinion. There’s two music rooms; the ground floor that plays a mixture of pop and R&B, and then the second floor upstairs that has more of a house vibe. Drinks are £1 before midnight and it gets very busy. I would highly recommend Revenge to students in Brighton.

5 June 2018

Great place, really friendly vibe to all people, LGBTQ or otherwise. Amazing rooftop smoking area, really close to the seafront and bus route.

9 May 2018

Absolute yes, every time and more come here every Thursday love life. Although Car staff get a bit angry and queues for the bar are far too long especially when there is another room with a bar upstairs that’s usually locked. Once on a Thursday started ordering a drink before 12 to get a £1 drink and it went past 12 before I paid so I got charged more!

30 April 2018

The club is very fun. Does lots of good drinks deals, especially on Thursday (student) nights. Good performances and meet and greet from drag race. Would highly recommend.

24 April 2018

Amazing club! Great atmosphere, great music, great people, will definitely be back! Good location, easy acces by bus and car

21 April 2018

Club Revenge is marketed as a gay club, but the only thing that’s still gay about it is the staff (although some are straight). The regular crowd are majority straight, to the point that I sometimes feel judged if I go there. A lot of the promises made in Revenge’s advertising, like shot boys, props, crazy things happening, drag queen hosts etc. don’t happen and haven’t happened in years. Revenge is as plain and straight as any other club. The door staff can be rude but can also be good fun... really depends how they’re feeling. The atmosphere overall is really nice and I’ve had great nights in Revenge, but their marketing is all a lie! Nice cheap drinks too:) Venue is inaccessible for wheelchair users.

18 April 2018

Club revenge is one of the best clubs I’ve ever been to. The music is unreliable, with throwbacks making you realise that there’s so many songs you’ll be missing. The atmosphere is super friendly and unlike many other clubs, I’ve made so many friends just from talking to people in their smoking area.

15 April 2018

Best night out in brighton! Good music, friendly staff and cheap prices!! The heart of Brighton and the smoking area is fab in the summer!

14 April 2018

Very student friendly and great deals on drinks on the student nights. Gay club but lots of straight people and mostly twinks not any daddies in sight.

11 April 2018

Revenge is the best gay clubs in Brighton, with plenty of diversity, amazing music, people coming from everywhere to visit, great student nights with even better deals, cheap entry and drinks. The club has 2 dance floors and a smoking area on the roof! It’s amazing!!!

10 April 2018

Revenge is the best gay nightclub (and the only) one in Brighton, but it's fully fabulous. The 3 story building has 2 separate dance floors, one for the pop lovers and one more directed towards house/dance music. The smoking area is situated on the roof whichever over looks Brighton Pier and the Pavilion which is super pretty if you're up there before they turn the lights out. They have student night on Thursday like the rest of the Brighton clubs, and a bunch of drunk deals for all. I've never spent a ridiculous amount on drinks but I've always been super trashed when leaving! The staff are all friendly, even the bouncers! It's also the venue to host all the RuPauls Drag Race girls who perform in Brighton. If you're queer or not it's a great night out and you'll probably make a bunch of random friends!