The Arch

59th in Nightlife
3rd in Brighton

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19 November 2018

Fave club eva, always have a banging night. The Djs are always great and the atmosphere is always amazing. I can always guarantee seeing all the Worthing gang in the back right corner and I love it when they put up the stage at the front so you can be even closer to the dj. 100% expect to have a groovy night

19 November 2018

The arch get some really good artists playing and I like that they mix big names with up and coming acts. However they always way oversell their events and you are constantly squished and can't breathe, even in the smoking area! Also the security are absolutely evil, if you're too waved they separate you from your friends and drag you into a hidden room and interrogate and berate you- horrible experience wouldn't even let me leave when I was having a panic attack asking to be with my friends.

19 November 2018

The arch has always been one of my favourite venues to see music artists and events as the atmosphere is guaranteed to be lively and fun. I don't usually go to the student events they hold but I know they are super cheap and probably good fun, there more expensive music events are definitely worth the money as they always hold good lineups and a big variety of music.

19 November 2018

good sound system, reasonably priced drinks, good enough atmosphere quite often has some good lineups, a lot better than the majority of clubs in brighton just can get really crowded in the main room sometimes.

19 November 2018

Such a nice atmosphere, reasonable prices on student nights. The music is always great, and the dj's know what they're doing. The toilets need a good clean but other then that, fab

19 November 2018

The Arch always puts on an amazing night, whether it's a normal student night or an event. Always have the best nights out! The atmosphere is always positive and welcoming and drinks are at a reasonable price.

19 November 2018

Provides multiple rooms, providing different music. Also main room is reasonably sized, so close to people but not uncomfortable. Also stage is great for when people perform as within arms length when watching.

14 August 2018

The venue hosts several nights a week. It is on the seafront, with cheap drinks and an amazing sound system!

28 June 2018

The Arch constantly have amazing DJs playing with relatively cheap tickets considering the big names they book. However, staff are overly strict and the club is quite small.

26 June 2018

Sick atmosphere, expensive nights but always a good lineup. Huge capacity, but isn't always full, however this can be good as it gives you space to move.

12 June 2018

The arch hosts a lot of the main events for bassline and drum and bass music. The big room with the stage is one of the best venues in Brighton.

10 June 2018

Club is right on the sea front so makes for an incredible setting, the atmosphere inside is amazing with drinks not being to expensive

1 May 2018

The venue has a very large room which plays everything and usually goes through the genres unless theres a soecific theme. Students usually come here on Tuesdays. Drinks are not as expensive as they are in other clubs in brighton.

30 April 2018

The music, events and overall atmosphere is great. I’ve attended quite a few music events at the arch in the past year and seen a lot of DJs and I would say that those nights have been my best nights out at University.

27 April 2018

The Arch is one of my friends and mine favourite clubs. The Music is always banging and the staff are always friendly. The atmosphere in the club is always great and its just all in all a great club

26 April 2018

Always a massive variety of Dj's on on a weekly basis. Midweeks student night is cheaper and always lively.

25 April 2018

Good club with good djs, lots of different kinds of music. Worried about Henry nights are great, lots of bassline and garage music. Pretty cheap on days like Tuesday, but can get too busy and hot.

17 April 2018

The arch is like the place to be on a Tuesday or whenever there’s an event. It’s split into two rooms and you always have a good time there. The music is almost always on point and everyone is kind

16 April 2018

Big venue, always busy, mostly filled with students on most nights- particularly Tuesdays. Although pricey on the weekends for event tickets, worth the price

15 April 2018

It has good events and gets good djs with some good events, staff are friendly and good party atmosphere

11 April 2018

Good location and surprisingly big! It has a lot of rooms with different kind of music. I have been there so many times and I could say that it is my favourite club in Brighton. Also, the drinks and spritis are not too expensive. The people in the club are very friendly and the staff is really helpful. If you smoke don't worry, The Arch has two rooms at least where you can smoke.

9 April 2018

The best club in town! Always got current acts playing at reasonable price. Amazing atmosphere, had some of the best nights in here. Drinks can be on the pricey side!

9 April 2018

This is definitely the best club in Brighton. The atmosphere is always so good and the acts they have playing are always current. The drinks are a bit pricey

9 April 2018

The Arch is great for events and the music. A wide variety of artists and genres there, and it is open on a variety of days. And on student nights (tuesdays) the nights are really cheap! However, the venue always seems to be overcrowded, it is really hard to move around anywhere and it takes get served. The toilets for guys are awful as well. Only one bathroom downstairs for guys which is rediculous! Yet, the cloakroom service is cheap and the smoking area is very big.