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9 November 2018

Even thought they where the more pricey of the bunch The halls where extremely well located, and fairly well maintained.

29 December 2017

Literally in the centre of campus. Can't get a better location if you're looking for convenience of being within 5 minutes walking distance for everything. That includes the library, coop is next door, majority of buildings for class. But, it's not the best even though it's the most expensive on-campus accommodation. Plus you have to close your curtain if you want privacy because you are directly opposite another window. You can't choose what room you get. It's an en-suite so that's cool, but if you're on the ground floor lol gutted even less privacy and the smells of weed from people walking past. If you're on the top floor like me lol gutted I had to lug all my stuff up 4 flights of stairs. There's no lift. Pretty damn annoying. Oh. And there's no common room but there's a fair sized kitchen. OH! And there's no laundrette or washing machine unless you're in a disabled flat. Imagine, gotta pay £3 wash £1.50 dry AND gotta get back pain cos you need to go to a different place to do your laundry with the minimum top up being £5 by PayPal on your phone cos the circuit laundry app is a piece of shit. But other than that and how expensive it is, Swanborough is great. Lol @ how everyone thinks you're elite for living there ?? #stillastudent But yeah, Super convenient and there are waaaay worse accommodations than this.