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17 November 2018

Great location, good room size. Can be a bit noisy at times. Good security. Fire alarm goes off quite a lot.

17 November 2018

Great location close to town. Facilities were good and was useful that cleaners came for the kitchen each week. Social experience was okay.

17 November 2018

Halls are nicely located, very central. Staff is very helpful 24h. My room feels safe. The kitchen is nice and big, with everything that a student would need. Good value for money!

17 November 2018

In terms of the building itself the accommodation is pretty good. Bathroom, kitchen, laundromat and other facilities are all easy to use and good quality. It's amazing to be only 10-15mins away from the beach (really good for when I'm stressed). However, for someone who doesn't like clubbing of any sort, social activities are limited. Also, the hill leading up to my flat is hell.

18 June 2018

Pretty central in Brighton. Decent facilities, although the on site washers and dryers are expensive. Self catered with an aldi nearby so easy to sort things if needed. Rec room so socialising is decent, and the kitchens have a decent tv so good to socialise with flatmates. The rooms are all ensuite and the showers are good. WiFi in certain places isnt great (eduroam) and eduroam doesnt work on some devices but wifi guest works as an alternative.

6 June 2018

I really like the halls I live in and I had the luck to be able to stay in them for all 3 years of my university life. The room is small but enough, with en suite toilets which is a must for me so I’m very grateful! And it’s amazinh how we don’t have to pay any extra bills, internet included! The staff is very helpful and always there to help in regards to any situation or circumstance. The type of people you meet can be very different, depending on their background age etc., so not everybody will be your friend. Overall, I am happy with the central location and the privacy of my room which is all that matters to me, I have kitchen facilities and help when I needed.

6 June 2018

The location of the halls is great as it is very close to town and easy walking distance to almost everything! The facilities aren't too bad but also aren't great. They have small single beds that are almost just camp beds and a wet room, but at least it is an en suite! The kitchens are nice and contemporary. The social experience of halls is great as you meet so many people however after the first three months people get less friendly and talkative. Good overall :)

19 March 2018

Good size rooms & modern kitchen, most of the staff are extremely friendly and very welcoming and quick to help with any concerns we may have. However we have had problems with a security guard (other people have had similar problems with the same one) just turning up in our flat sometimes and complaining about different things that we know other flats are allowed to do. One night we were just sat in the kitchen watching TV and he walked past the window outside about 6 times just back & forth just checking in on us. Felt like we’re always being watched/always doing something wrong! Plus the main door to the block is always open and unlocked, even overnight, seeing as we’re flat 1 so on the bottom floor, this doesn’t always feel safe. A couple of us have had water leaks in our cupboard in our kitchen & bathrooms, but one person’s wardrobe had a big leak one night (a few months ago) and all of her clothes & belongings in there were water damaged. She was promised that if she claimed on the insurance she would receive compensation for the damage but she has not received anything. We have had a similar problem where the freezer broke over Christmas and so all of the food in there went off and we were promised compensation, but are yet to receive anything. Overall good and a nice communal block area, but definitely has its let downs.

16 March 2018

Really good room with en suit, There was a large mixture of people so easy to make friends. It was an okay deal for first year as location was right in town.

9 March 2018

It is at a great location being right in the centre of Brighton with the seaside being only a 10 minute walk away. Meeting friends here is very easy and it's very very sociable. Diffinetly the halls to be at in my opinion.

25 February 2018

Cleaning isn’t great, not enough laundry rooms, cold rooms, smoking area directly outside my window so always smells of smoke

8 January 2018

Great location, however the facilities on block C (at my time of residency in '15-16) were very worn down. Other blocks were much better though.

Megan Miley
29 December 2017

Had an ensuite room here for my first year. Fantastic in terms of location and size of room was good. Pretty expensive but for central Brighton you can't expect anything else. The halls are secure and you need a code to get in. Security didn't mind if you had overnight guests though.

29 December 2017

Good location, decent rooms. Happy I got given these halls as it's only a short walk to the town and no major hills en route.