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18 November 2018

The lack of social/common room space within the flat made it very unsociable. Very small kitchens, With no living room without table and chairs meant people had to eat in their room or on their floor. Lucky I had good flatmates and we managed to make the most of it

18 November 2018

Park village is good enough for a year but no longer. The rooms are fairly spacious, and standard for a uni room. The kitchens are fairly old but they do the job if kept clean. And the showers and toilets are fine. The main thing about Park Village is that there is no social area so we are left to eat in our rooms and have to go to other flats for pres if we don't want to drink in a corridor or in someone's room. Overall it is quite dated however if your only there for a year it's fine.

28 June 2018

Because I came through clearing, I got the last pick of student accommodation for first year. In park village, everything is covered in mould, there is no social area or sofas, the building is old and our toilet constantly broke. On the positive side, because there was no social area, it forced people to be as social as they could by sitting on the landing to chill with eachother. Also, there are sinks in the bedroom and even though there are only 2 showers, I never had to wait for the shower to be free despite it being a house of 12 people! The reception building has a few computers in as well as the launderette that a few other halls residents go to so being closest to it meant I didn't have to walk far if I left my washing too long! As for the internet, in pure eduroam fashion it was constantly playing up but it wasn't completely unbearable!

26 June 2018

Extremely sociable and fun place to live. There were a few security faults in which someone broke in and vandalised our kitchens yet we were still expected to pay. Other than that would 10/10 recommend

4 June 2018

Good location, no lounge and staff are pissy if you put a chair in the hallway to make it the closest thing to a lounge you can get

28 April 2018

The design of these flats make no sense giving us no dining/living room are and no table and chairs to be sociable and eat our meals. Luckily I get on with my flat mates and we have tried to make it as sociable as possible

16 April 2018

Its great dining table but that makes it more sociable. Well worth the money as there so much on campus socially if its not for you! Park Village is cheap and cheerful. But expensive laundrette :( but thats not the end of the world...just make friends with someone in Brighthelm

16 April 2018

Social aspect is good. Facilities could be better. Good disfance from lecture theatres. People are nice. Laundrette is too expensive.

10 April 2018

Grimy, mouldy, damp but a great laugh! Social experience was fun if you didn’t mind hanging on the floor in the hallway!

6 April 2018

Value for money it’s pretty good. The rooms are fairly big and come with all the necessities as well as a sink which is super useful! The kitchen is fairly small however comes with a microwave, toaster and kettle which saves students money having to buy it! Unfortunately this accommodation lacks a social area in the form of a table and chairs or even a comfortable sofa so therefore eating your dinner is either on the floor in the hallway trying to be sociable or locking yourself in your room to eat at your desk. For £98 per week it’s pretty good, with 2 showers and 2 toilets for 12 people and never having to wait to use any of the facilities. Location is excellent, only 5 mins away from lectures, close to bus stop, 15 mins from train station, 10 mins from library

28 February 2018

It’s okay. Relatively close to main campus. Decent sized rooms, good storage space. Not very much fridge/freezer space for the amount of people. Showers have mould, so do some of the rooms. Horrible flickering bedroom lights. Lots of rats in the area. The biggest downfall is that there’s no social or dining area within the flats so the social experience may not be as good as in other accommodations.

24 February 2018

Good location and you learn to love it as you live there longer. Facilites are trash and heating always breaks but room is a nice size and in a decent part of campus.

2 February 2018

Generally dilapidated, horrible fixtures/ bathrooms/ kitchens, definitely not worth the money they ask for

3 January 2018

The facilities are pretty awful and constantly breaking. There is no social space - not can a kitchen table so look forward to eating dinner on your lap on the floor in the hallway. 12 in a flat means great social experience if you like your flat mates, but awful if you don’t.