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18 November 2018

The rooms were a decent enough size and I loved having an en suite. All my lectures were in falmer and it was great being a walk away. I also think 8 people is the perfect amount per floor!

4 June 2018

Falmer is pretty much in the middle of no where. The rent is over priced and you get poor quality for what you pay. The carpets are old and stained, the mattresses are worn, the rooms are cold and the en suite showers are not powerful. The kitchen appliances are also dated.

6 May 2018

Great distance from my lectures because I was studying on the same campus. However, it was very far from town and the night bus took almost an hour to get back after a night out which was a huge drag! Great space in the rooms and communal areas but very dated and had a problem with damp in most rooms! Free access to the gym and classes came free with the accommodation which was amazing and only 5 mins away walking. A mixture of pros and cons but all in all, it was a great community of students and everything I needed for my first year of university! Happy to live in town this year though and make the most of living in such a beautiful city!

2 May 2018

I loved starting in halls for my first year of university. We were catered so got breakfast and an evening meal Monday to Friday during term time. Also we got a cleaner twice a week to clean the kitchen and living room. It is in the perfect place for just rolling out of bed and walking over to lectures. One downsaid would be not having a shop that’s close. The SU shop I think is quite expensive and the walk over to Sussex campus for the coop is okay but again it can be quite expensive in there. However there is a train station pretty much on campus which is only a 9 minute train into Brighton. One issue with that is youbthen have to carry all your shopping back and take it on the train. Overall though I loved being at Paddock Field.

27 April 2018

Good environement right next to lecture halls. Social but not very busy so not usually noisy. Good sized bedrooms, good ensuite

27 March 2018

The Fat I lived in was a catered one. Having breakfast and an evening meal each day was a nice middle ground between being at home and living away. Also we had a cleaner twice a week which was good as it is rather difficult to get the people you live with to clean sometimes. In terms of location it is very good for being close to the university and that there is a train station no more than a 10 minute walk away. One downside is to do any shopping you have to get a train or bus into Brighton and walk to a supermarket then carry all your shopping home. There is a co-op in Sussex campus but I found that quite expensive as is the SU shop on campus. Despite having a single room the room had enough space including a desk, chair, shelves and a notice board. We also got draws and a wardrobe. My room had an ensuite bathroom which I had never been bothered by before but I actually quite liked having my own bathroom. Overall I loved living in halls and would probably have chosen to spend my 3 years there had I had the choice.

14 March 2018

Not the best location for going out as you still need to trek into town but for the campus and my classes it is ideal! 5 min walk to class every moning is the best. Also the security on sight take Care of stuff as quickly as possible making it a lot mor stress free.

14 March 2018

Not the best location for going out as you still need to trek into town but for the campus and my classes it is ideal! 5 min walk to class every moning is the best. Also the security on sight take Care of stuff as quickly as possible making it a lot mor stress free.

7 March 2018

Old, used up, has a lot of funny smells and things going wrong. You get really friendly with maintenance because you see them that much. Never get left alone due to so much work from contractors and checks. Cleaners don’t clean the communal areas. I’d say the room is the only good part.

1 March 2018

The facilities were good, good bus communication. Also good insulation and good food overall. The matress wasnt too good but beareble.

24 February 2018

Was okay, there were not many opportunities to meet people from other flats within Paddock Fields, and it was a train ride away from town. However, the rooms were nice and having food provided to us was a very useful thing.

22 February 2018

The location in terms of my campus is amazing as it's a short walk away however, the trek into town can be annoying. Although, it does prove for a good social life being surrounded around your peers and they do offer a free bus during term times.

20 February 2018

There is not much to do in the local area, but transport into town is easy. Rooms are decently sized, but ensuite could be a little larger

13 February 2018

I really liked halls, made a lot of friends and as we were catered we all bonded over meals and stuff, living with people kind of forced you to make friends which really helped with being in the new situation, everyone was in the same boat. Cleaning was great and although the location was good for classes it wasn't so great for shopping or going out, but we had buses.

12 February 2018

the location was great, close enought to town with great transport links. Room was of a good size with enough storage space and en suite. It was catered halls which actually was really good for the money, with a 3 course breakfast and dinner Monday to Friday. A downside to the uni was the lack of social areas like common rooms ext, the student bar was small and far from anything In town and the student shop did not have a license for alcohol

2 January 2018

Room a good size, with own bathroom! The kitchen is also a good size but could definitely do with my fridge space as we share two small fridges between 8 people. Location on campus and so ideal for socialising with coursemates - and the bus to Brighton comes right onto campus too which runs til the morning (although also so close to the train station which is much quicker).

29 December 2017

Both the flat and the room was absolutely perfect. The only downsides are: far location from the city center and bery loud rugby trainings in the morning :D

28 December 2017

Lived here for 1st year and loved it! Great atmosphere and maintenance was good. The showers did get a bit mouldy but generally great halls!

28 December 2017

Nice room with a great view. It has a really nice community vibe to it because everyone is living in close proximity.

28 December 2017

Location - Next to well connected train and bus station. However, miles away from nearest supermarket and even further away from brighton town centre. Social experience - Halls have approx 8 people on each floor. Get to know everyone in your flat and surroundings. very sociable Social areas - Pretty dire. Tiny "students union" they called the HIVE where they tried to put on social events like pizza evenings and quizzes. Room - Pretty basic. Bed was tiny not even a single, radiator would only stay on from 30 mins. Otherwise very solid. Nice views, halls were cleaned, good shower and cooking areas. No complaints about internet. Value for money - v.poor in comparison to other university halls of the same price. paid almost £140 a week for not alot. The whole of paddock fields is needing modernisation. Having said that, there is a great gym on campus and great sport facilities.

16 November 2017

I love the location as it is right on the falmer campus where all my lectures are, and I have made most of my friends through my halls. My room is great apart from the ugly colour of the carpet and curtains. Having an ensuite is great, so I love it overall!