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19 November 2018

Northfield was overall an amazing experience. The halls are located on campus but away from the main buildings and shops, giving you easy access to them whilst still having peace and quiet. The halls are a short walk away from bus stops and there is also Falmer train station a ten minute walk away. The halls themself are modern and spacious, with a big kitchen to share between 6 flat mates. The rooms themselves are ensuite and have a homely feel. From personal experience the halls were friendly and it was easy to make friends, but I have also heard others complain about having less social flats and blocks. Most flats/blocks I knew had Facebook group chats before moving in to get to know everyone. For what you are paying, the rooms aren't the biggest, but for on campus accommodation I would highly recommend northfield.

19 November 2018

The flats are very nice and the kitchens are nice and modern although the beds are extremely springy and not the most comfortable. One problem that keeps happening is that the wifi keeps going down and we sometimes lose hot water. Overall the flats are really nice though and have a lovely bar right next to them.

19 November 2018

Northfield it's quite far from the centre of campus which isn't ideal however it is a very nice accommodation. The kitchen facilities are great with a large table and sofas to relax on. The rooms are a great size with ample wardrobe space. And the bath room is as amazing size the showers are big and spacious and there's a little shelf to store products etc. However the ventilation could be better as the rooms can get quite stuffy after a shower. Also the WiFi does not reach well at all. I had to get a WiFi extender installed

19 November 2018

It's ensuite which is nice and the rooms are okay but be warned... It's right at the top of the uni and most things on campus are centrally located

10 June 2018

Best choice I could have possibly made. Amazing accomodation and would have kept living there throughout uni if I was allwed to.

3 May 2018

Good location on campus Fully equipped facilities Maintenance staff always on hand Next to the beautiful Sussex downs Bad side: expensive

28 April 2018

Love northfield, would not choose another accommodation! Pros include new, clean and modern, big desk, large private shower, kitchen is great social space with lounge area and table! It feels very safe because of the electric key fob for each building. Most have pretty views over the South Downs! Cons, one of the more expensive accommodation (about £156pw), it is the furthest away on campus so 10 minute walk to lectures, 20 minutes to the station etc which also means less people are willing to walk to your accommodation for predrinks etc. (But personally like it because it means I walk more). It’s not as social and open as others like east slope/Lewis court because of the high security.

23 April 2018

The rooms were small in comparison to the other rooms and often had faults. They were expensive and lacked social life. The kitchen was fairly large and had a comfortable seating area however the toaster is very bad , the fridge is stiff to open and close and often leaks. The en suite bathrooms are very nice but the showers often block. I would not recommend living here as it’s not very sociable like the other accommodations but the university is very good .

17 April 2018

Location is great - surrounded by the South Downs National Park. Social experience was not the best; there was surprisingly not much going on around Northfield and was quiet most of the time. Overall the quality of accommodation was very nice and felt homely.

13 April 2018

Good location as it’s very quiet and very close to Stanmer park. Although it is the accomodation as far away from campus as you can get, which you could count as a disadvantage. It has very good facilities including the social centre in the reception block. The flats are all quite new and are in good condition, while the rooms are all a decent size.

11 April 2018

the location of north field was quite far from central campus, it was about ten minutes walk on average to lectures, seminar, and the shop. however, i preferred it this way as it felt like my work and home life were completely separate. i lived in a flat of six, five girls and one guy, and we all got on really well. we had private bathrooms and a shared kitchen, and this meant it was pretty social. we would all chill together in the kitchen in the evenings, and the kitchen was big enough to have pre drinks with a big group. the bathrooms were cleaned once a month and the kitchen was cleaned every week by an outside cleaner. the cleaners were lovely and chatty. my room had a single bed and in terms of storage there was so much space to put stuff, and i also liked the pin board above my bed to put photos and a calendar. doors could be internally locked, and our entire block could only be entered by a key fob, so it felt very safe. overall i loved my first year halls and wouldn’t change them for anything. i definitely miss the social life of them! however it is quite pricey compared to other halls on campus so if you have to be willing to spend more to have the same experience.

11 April 2018

Although this accommodation was the furthest away from the uni itself, it wasn't really a massive problem. It was the most modern and aesthetically pleasing and was my first choice when applying. The rooms were fairly small but livable, and we did get an ensuite with a shower. Personally, my social experience was probably better than others as although there was only 6 people in my flat, we ended up with an adjoining door leading to another 6 people and ultimately became one flat. The negatives I would say were, the uni campus itself is a half an hour journey into Brighton which is very tedious, especially when going out at night. In addition, it was more expensive than most accommodations elsewhere, perhaps ones even better than Northfield, due to it being in the south, which was a bit annoying. And finally, the cleaners we paid for in the contract failed to show up more often than not which caused a bit of anger for most people.

4 April 2018

So nice,very well looked after and well kept,frequent cleaners and staff available when you need help. The rooms are a great size and the en suite is so nice,big shower to yourself,and great lighting and mirror. Lots of wardrobe space and storage in general. The WiFi can be hit and miss but they created a version of the WiFi for northfield as it’s further out of campus which Is good. The bus stops right in the centre of all the flats which is great after nights out and the social centre is great for doing work. It is not the most social accommodation at sussex but It is good if you don’t like to go out loads and but enough to be a little bit social. There is lots of wildlife which is also really nice

13 March 2018

The halls are clean, spacious and good value for money but the block that I'm in is really quiet and next to a family block which has hindered by social aspect of university! There needs to be a social centre in northfield to make up for it!

5 February 2018

On the outskirts of campus which has it's ups and downs. Allows you to have more parties but longer walks to lectures etc. Really good social life and social setting. Rooms are really good quality but at times you do feel like you're being ripped off a bit when the heating is broken or the water has to be turned off for the day etc. The kitchen/social area is a decent size and really nicely decorated.

3 January 2018

Northfield is great and you get what you pay for. It is expensive and the laundry is expensive, but it is nice and modern and great to have an ensuite.

3 January 2018

The most expensive, however you get what you pay for. Ensuite and a nice community tucked at the back of campus with a great social centre.

28 December 2017

Looked really nice and felt very safe. Rooms were good sizes and had a nice computer room and washing facilities

28 December 2017

Very sociable, kitchen space is great, room is large enough even with en duite. Area surrounding residence is impeccable due to it being on national trust land. Cleaned regularly by friendly and helpful cleaners. Social areas are accessible till midnight and there's a laundromat in reception so cleaning is made easier through those means