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26 June 2018

Moulsecoomb halls are literally 1-2 minutes walk to the campus as that’s where their canteen is as well. It’s all catered, and the food is decent, sometimes they make pretty nice meals and sometimes it’s just average, but nothing outrageous. I joint mid-year as my previous house’s contract ended. It was very easy to move in, and I love the sense of privacy. The canteen’s very modern, the room itself is also very modern, along with the shared bathrooms etc. The best part are the care takers, they will help you out with anything and they’re very kind.

22 June 2018

Although the kitchen is always messy, meeting new people has been one of the greatest things about living in halls. Great way to socialise with people who are not on your course. Close to university.

30 April 2018

It was alright experience not the best. I have given my reviews below. The room was in a good location but it wasn’t the best uni accommodation.

17 March 2018

Rooms are cold at the bottom of the flats, radiators don’t work, doors are loud and squeaky, oven takes forever to heat up, kitchen cupboards broken, kitchen walls dirty and not been updated, cleaner doesn’t do a good job, shower rooms small and dirty,

12 March 2018

Good halls. Very close to uni, room very reasonable. Right beside train station and close to bus stop. Catered Monday to Friday for breakfast and dinner. Food quite nice but could be better. Overall happy

12 March 2018

Travel costs – this is clearly going to vary from person to person, but you should check out for train prices, and if you will have to take a bus include that too. Base your calculations on having to be in uni five days a week, by 9am. Even if you are on a course that only has 8 contact hours a week, you can be in for five days a week. If you plan to drive, be aware that most universities have no free parking unless you have a blue badge, so you will probably have to pay for parking too.

11 March 2018

The location is so convenient I can literally roll out of bed 5 minutes before hand and still make it to uni it’s so close

10 March 2018

The social side of halls was the best part about it. Many of my close friendships now were formed in halls.

2 January 2018

The location couldn’t be better. You can wake up at 8:50am and still make your 9am lecture if you have one in the Cockcroft building. Being catered halls, life is so easy. You dont have to do much shopping even though you have a fully kitted out kitchen and it rules out a lot of mess and time that you would need to spend cooking. The rooms are decent size, they arent ensuite though. It is absolutely fine as we have a cleaner who clean bathrooms and toilets too so it’s always clean. We have sinks in rooms too which is useful. Washing machines are decent but expensive. £3 a wash. But that is standard. 15minutes into the centre of town by bus. 4 minute walk to Mithras house.

Lydia Molyneux
28 December 2017

The location is great, close to the transport links, the university buildings for science, business, engineering and architecture and close to the counselling services the overall building is quite poor and dull, damp and old fashioned The walls are thin and you can hear everything from outside, upstairs and in the other rooms of the flat Some of the security on site were rude and unhelpful although others were extremely kind, helpful and friendly I feel that the rent is way too overpriced for what you get and I do not like that you cannot have a self catered room and therefore have to pay for something you do not want nor use.

Lydia Molyneux
28 December 2017

The halls in general were not that great, it’s a really old building at the top of a hill that’s tiring to get to. Some of the security were rude and ignorant and unhelpful. The commute to university and the train station is one of the only great things as they’re easy to get to! The rooms were either extremely cold or extremely hot, they were also had an ugly interior and not at all cleaned to a good standard before I moved in. You could hear noise from everywhere be it the trains, flatmates or other residents. The lights in the communal room were headache inducing and the whole room in general was uninviting. The beds were terribly uncomfortable and springy and just not nice at all.