Lewes Court (Phase 1)

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28 November 2018

good location and good sized kitchen but very few washing machines and dryers, very old, weak showers and room decor could be more up to date. Also there is no social area

9 July 2018

The location was great with easy access to both east slope bar and the lecture halls. Whilst it’s a bit further than some to the train station, the east slope bus stop is right next door and I found myself using that 99% of the Time anyway. The accommodation itself is relatively new and feels clean. Only having one shower did not seem too much of a problem apart from the odd morning. I found it to be relatively sociable because even if you didn’t necessarily click with your flat mates the whole block was sociable enough. The room was not huge but not tiny, and the sink is definitely a bonus

29 June 2018

I was very lucky with my block of flats in terms of socialising with people. However, the amenities were really poor and everything kept breaking all the time, like toasters and kettles. The worst part was the tap water, which was alwags MILKY colour. But the rooms were really good size, and it was spacious.

8 June 2018

Good location on campus, pretty clean and has ensuite. Cleaners come every week and are very good. Expensive, but not too bad.

4 June 2018

It's great being so close to the south downs! The halls are slightly away from the center of campus but still close enough to run to a lecture and not be too late (so long as its not in freeman). The rooms are a decent size but the living space is the best because its so big. Most of the flats do have sofas (however mine just had old squeaky chairs...)

31 March 2018

Having the coop at a 6 min walking distance is very convenient. Also there is easy access to the library, clinic, bars and other places to eat as well. Therefore the location is superb. Most students are friendly and sociable. We often play games together as a flat to de-stress as well as watch movies.

28 February 2018

Good location, only one properly working toilet and shower between 6, large living space and kitchen area with plenty of room for table and chairs, rooms with sinks and loads of room, not the most social halls, a bit dead at times but generally not the worst

29 December 2017

The location of Lewes Court Phase 1 is ideal - they are right at the front of the main accommodation complex on campus. My lectures were never more than a 10 minute walk away from my bedroom. The Lewes Court Phase 1 flats have a really nice homely feel to them. Most of the flats house 6 bedrooms with a communal kitchen/living room area, 2 toilets, a shower and a bath. I never had an issue needing the shower when it was already occupied. The living space has 6 comfy chairs as well 6 dining chairs for the dining table. The 6 comfy chairs are in place of a sofa, and they aren't very good compared to a sofa, but regardless of this the living area was quite nice. Our shower wasn't very good. It had a big problem with water pressure throughout the year. Despite us informing the porter that the shower wasn't working properly, it was not replaced until the end of the year. The WiFi in the rooms in the Lewes Court Phase 1 flats is the same as the WiFi used elsewhere on campus so it is easy to go from your bed to campus without losing WiFi signal which is useful. All beds are single beds and I had an issue with a very creaky bed and hard mattress. Each room has a really good sized desk and shelves though which is really good, as well as a sink and mirror etc. These flats do not have any washing machines so a trip to the on campus laundrette is needed every once in a while. And for £3 a wash and £1 for a poor tumble-dry, the money spent on laundry soon adds up. In summary, Lewes Court Phase 2 was a really nice place to live, but it did have its faults (just like any other student accomodation!).