Lewes Court flats (Phrase 2)

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28 November 2018

Location is quite far from the Med school which is where I'm placed but I love being on campus. Although I'm not the closest, it could be worse. My room is nice and spacious and although my kitchen is big, there isn't any kind of common room and it isn't very sociable

28 November 2018

good location on campus, nice en suite, living area wasnt very social, people tend to stay in rooms as they have everything they needed in room. good sized rooms

6 July 2018

Overall I enjoyed my experience in Lewes Court and met some lovey people but I feel that the halls could do with some updating, for example the bed wasn’t very comfortable and we had a few issues with our bathrooms and the kitchen.

14 June 2018

The hall doesn't have social areas at all. You are gonna live with 4 other people. All rooms are quite spacious and include a bathroom. The launderette is 3 minute distance and is opposite the reception although it's quite small and sometimes you might have queue there.

6 April 2018

Great location close to bus stations, easy to meet people and amazing social life , great amenities and close to east slope bar and coop

25 February 2018

The room is a reasonable size and has enough space. The wardrobe has lots of space as does the desk which is quite spacious. The kitchen is a great size and it includes dining table and sofas.

20 February 2018

Pretty good accommodation, the price is good too. Although it’s quite far from the main buildings on campus and I don’t like the studio flats at all. It’s a good accommodation though.

30 January 2018

Nice location with bus stop right outside. Big rooms with ensuite and really nice kitchen/ living room. The social life is okay Delong on who you’re put with in a flat. Some of the studio flats may be a bit lonely. Can be quite quiet but 2 minutes away from east slope bar where the party is.