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7 December 2018

Good sized rooms, en-suite was very useful! Cleaners were good. SU was reasonably priced and played most football games which met my needs. However, more activities or events would make the place more exciting and allow people to meet new people

7 December 2018

The rooms are a good size with double beds and a really nice en suite plus a huge shared kitchen! The location for me wasn't perfect as I studied at a different campus but travelling from there is really easy as there's a train station and bus stop, that goes straight into brighton city centre, within a 5 minute walk. The sports centre facilities are also within 5 minutes walk which was really great as you can use the gym and go to classes for a very reduced price as a student. The common area was quite small but the staff put on many fun events that helped us make friends and really livened up the site. They are quite expensive halls, and I was unhappy the contract ran through summer as I didn't need this, but I feel you do pay for the great facilities and the flat is cleaned once a week which really makes a difference to the standard of living there.

30 June 2018

The halls have security so you feel constantly safe, especially when coming in from a night out . The rooms have ensuites and double beds and the staff at the front desk are so friendly and helpful. However the halls are a bit far from town so location is not perfectly ideal.

30 June 2018

Expensive for what it is. Cooker broke all the time. Too out the way there’s no close shops or anything near by... annoying when getting bus into centre as it goes all through Sussex first. Security are really over the top too, to the point you feel like your in boarding school. Friends stories from other halls explain security isn’t that bad

26 June 2018

Halls was one of my best experiences in life, it’s such a convenient place to meet new friends and the actual campus is only across the road. Also halls is a 20 minute walk from town and the beach aswell.

20 June 2018

Had an ensuite which I was really happy about, the kitchen and living area was way bigger than at other unis and it was 20 seconds away from my English building, and a minute away from the cafe. Also the bus went from right outside the campus straight into the town centre so really good transport links. Bedrooms were a good size too with good storage under the bed. Pretty expensive though!!

19 June 2018

The room itself is really good, it’s a good size, the ensuite is nice and there is lots of wardrobe space. The social side of it is pretty poor though.

7 June 2018

I moved here from another halls in January and I'm glad that I did! The staff here are great and I got a real sense of team work from them. I reported my toilet seat broken, went to the shop and when I got back it had already been replaced. They had an outdoor movie last night just for our halls and the atmosphere was better than any film I've ever paid to see. They have loads of different events which make it a good place to meet new people. The location isn't perfect but the town is only 10 mins away by bus that are so regular that you don't even need to check the times.

20 March 2018

Good sized rooms with double beds. Plenty of storage space. Ensuite which is so convenient. Lots of social events in the reception. Safe and secure with very little disturbance. Staff are so lovely and helpful and I will definitely miss them when I leave. Would definitely recommend and would stay for longer if I could.

20 March 2018

Amazing location and great room. Bed slightly uncomfortable but a double so can’t complain! Staff really nice but can be slow sometimes to fix certain things.

16 March 2018

Rooms are big and bathroom is clean, kitchen and equipment are good. Just hate the people I live with, and it’s not in walking distance from town.

10 March 2018

Great place, good management, rooms and kitchens are wonderful. Weekly cleaning is un-necessary though and would rather pay less rent. Tenancy is too long. Internet access is appalling.

1 March 2018

Rooms were great with each room having plenty of space and it’s own ensuite shower room. Latrge kitchen space although would have maybe been nice to have a sitting area somewhere other than the kitchen. Facilities were good as well as managers being friendly and accommodating.

7 February 2018

The halls are cosy and extremely homely, the kitchen is large and spacious, with amazing rooms with again lots of space. However, it is hard to socialise with flat mates due to not having a comfortable sofa that we can all relax together it is different to socialise comfortably.

1 February 2018

The location is nice and close to the university meaning walks to lectures aren’t too much of a pain. The social experience is great due to the constant exposure to uni students. The down side of these halls is that the security is way too tight to be able to enjoy yourselves properly having to turn music off past 11.30.

28 December 2017

It’s good as it’s rught next to my lecture buildings, I have my own bathroom which is really good. The common room isn’t great it has a tv and there a themed nights like karaoke, Halloween parties and Christmas themed ones, everyone from all the blocks go down most famous the time during themed nights so you see people you normally don’t see but it’s fun to hang out with wveyone