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26 December 2018

All on one level, no stairs or lifts, means you meet so many people all the time. Big flats, ideal for first year. Gets noisy and messy but it's worth it.

26 December 2018

New housing so nice and clean, located close to most places on campus and very big living area. Flatmates all nice people who get along and are cool

26 December 2018

The accommodation is newly built, therefore we were the first people to use all the facilities. Camber flats are all next to eachother so it was easy to make friends with people in the flats near by. We are particularly lucky for the kitchen area which is massive and is a great place to make friends and get to know eachother.

26 December 2018

The location is good in terms of being on campus, but also it is inconvenient since access is limited as construction is continually obstructing travel. My own room is very good as I am living in newly built flats so everything is new and fresh.

10 July 2018

Pretty gross but probably the best fun! You’re paying for a place to sleep and a fun experience living in the grittiest dirtiest place in Sussex. One bad thing is that there are no washing machines meaning you have to walk10 minutes to the on campus laundromat to wash your clothes.

6 July 2018

East Slope was the heart and soul of my university experience. it was abit grimey but it was were I learnt to cook, manage money and ultimately where I grew into adult life!

6 July 2018

A bit rough and ready but I absolutely loved living in the pile of bungalows up a hill that is (was) East Slope. The flats are pretty basic, with one shower shared between 6 people, but it's cheap enough to make up for that. All the best people lived in East Slope

17 June 2018

Halls were pretty basic and falling apart due to age but because of there layout really social and fun.

19 April 2018

Great place if you want a social experience at uni, with up to 12 flatmates you’re bound to meet a lot of people . Great location, 5 minute walk from the first lecture halls / east slope bar . The room is a decent size and value for money .

16 April 2018

Good for socialising and for the slope (which isn’t there anymore) but if aesthetics is what people are looking for in the flats then not the best

7 March 2018

East slope can be best described as a pretty shit place to live in but the social life makes up for it as you will meet by far the most people in these halls compared to the others and have the best time

28 February 2018

Basically I am at the cheapest flat on campus (£88 a week) with a shared bathroom. I share the flat with 6 others. Honestly at first I didn’t like the sound of it but after time it turned out to be a really good experience. Sharing turns out to be social and you can easily make good mates through it. You also save a lot of money through cheaper accommodation and I am making 150 quid profit from the loan each payment

25 February 2018


30 December 2017

East Slope is often called the worst accommodation on the Sussex campus. This is not true. Although the facilities aren't as new and updated as those in Northfield or Swanborough the community atmosphere is wonderful; and masively comforting to any nervous first Years.

29 December 2017

Being demolished this year but it has been an experience to say the least. No communal area which is a shame and shower/bathroom sizes are very small( that is if you live in a shared room). Kitchen space is also small but the social experience in east slope outweighs these negatives, have made some good friends there.

29 December 2017

The halls are quite old , smell dame and look shabby . The flats near ear slope bar are usually very noisy and everywhere smells of weed . Not impressing . I would avoid choosing east slope as accommodation if you can. However the price is really good value and location is alright kind of in between of other buildings

28 December 2017

The facilities are not great and you feel like there could be rats bugs etc anywhere. But the social experience makes up for what the dirt ridden houses lack. It has the best communal atmosphere and it’s easy to make a lot of really good friends. You can bond over the filth you’re living in!!

28 December 2017

Being one of the oldest accommodations on campus it’s not as up to date and flash as the other ones, however the location puts you at the social heart of campus. The fact you have to share a kitchen and bathroom means that you’re far more likely to get to know your flatmates. Being on a hill means you also get a free daily workout getting to the top.