14th in Brighton



The location is the only problem, as it is on the edge of Brighton and far away from town and the coast and not even near any campus. Apart from location I absolutely love the facilities, the catering and the social experience most of all. Most of my friends are from Varley park and it makes socialising so much easier


I loved how many buildings were brought together as a community within these halls. It allowed me to meet so many new people and make lots of friends

Phillip Burns

It was a good room, very cosy and slick. The location was rather far and awkward to get to as a student but the room was nice. Social experience with other hall mates was nice, very friendly. It was the only hall around that didn't have en suite though. About 7-8 people had to share 2 toilet and bathrooms, so not ideal if you're not a sharer. The food was catered and cleaners come every week for the kitchen. Overall it was a good experience.