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For students there are many bars and clubs in Brighton, with many well know special events every single week. Also there are a number of big djs who perform in these clubs, as well as famous singers you can see who perform in Brighton on their tours, for example Jess Glynne, Anne Marie, Catfish and the Bottleman and many more. There’s a bar/club for everyone and Brighton has one of the best gay bar/clubs around, with regular famous drag queens visiting from America. There are even more different food places in Brighton, with such variety and accommodating dietary acquirements, especially many places for vegans. There is a huge shopping mall, as well as larger stores outside of this, but what makes Brighton even better is the lanes that have vintage, second hand stores and stalls, that give a great energy when walking through them, with more food places and pubs. Lastly you can’t forget that Brighton is along the beach and in the summer it is a thriving place to visit.


Brighton is the gem of the south! It has everything you can ask for, whether you look for an adventure, or for a party, or for an inspirational relaxing time! Brighton with its sea, and it's hills has got you covered for any occasion! The people are lovely and you will always feel like at home! Even if it seems quite expensive at first, you will soon become a local and will find the best places to eat and drink, with restaurants, cafés, and pubs on every corner you will always have somewhere to go and the experience will be incomparable.

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