The Nightingale Club

7th in Nightlife
1st in Birmingham

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18 November 2018

Classic pop, good vibes. In the gay village so LGBTQ friendly. Best nights are Thursdays and Saturdays.

18 November 2018

Best club in Birmingham! Such a friendly and fun atmosohere. There's three floors playing all different types of music so there's something for everyone. The live performers are great and there's actually places to sit when you need a rest!

18 November 2018

It was cheap entry which was great however I found that the drinks were watered down and it was a long wait to get a drink due to low staff. The toilets were also quite unclean. Other from this I found that everyone was friendly, the music was good and there was a nice atmosphere.

18 November 2018

Amazing club with different floors and rooms! Good music & ok price drinks. Hard to get an Uber/taxi home from after had to wait 2 hours but not the clubs fault I think maybe the location. Wish entry was cheaper.

18 November 2018

Good atmosphere, good music with multiple floors and not too expensive so can find cheap drinks. Can't have a bad night here

18 November 2018

Friendly atmosphere, cheap drinks

18 November 2018

The Thursday Student nights are the best. It is such a nice vibe and atmosphere and the £1 drink and free entry till 11pm just make the night even more fun. There is a good range of music which is designed for you to dance to. Such a good night out, would definitely recommend.

18 November 2018

Nightingales is a lot of fun, with a great atmosphere and amazing music. I would recommend this club to all of my friends, as the night out is so good. When I first went out in Nightingales I saw Penny the drag queen and it was the highlight of my Freshers.

3 July 2018

The nightingale club is the best club in Birmingham. An amazing atmosphere and amazing people, some great entertainment like drag queens and burlesque and always a great range of music. The three rooms are always great and have music to suit all styles. 10/10 I love it

24 June 2018

Great weekly student night pounded on a Thursday has cheapest drinks (£1!), good music and great atmosphere! Love the dancers! The club is also a queer friendly safe space! Best night out in Birmingham's gay village :)

Elza Sinicka
23 June 2018

The Nightigale club is always a blast with my friends, and I always end up meeting new people who end up sticking around in your life. The Nightingale club has a great location, not so expensive entry and not so expensive beverages like in other clubs. Also the music here brings me back so many memories, and I'm always in shock when I remember lyrics from a 90s hits.

23 June 2018

The venue is great for students as the staff are really friendly and the drinks are reasonably priced. The venue is large and the atmosphere created is incredible. Would definitely recommend.

20 June 2018

As you can expect from a gay club it's super friendly and welcoming to anyone of any background. There's often dancers in the pedestals who help livin up the atmosphere. They give out free condoms as well if you get lucky and take someone back to your room for the night. £10 entry is fair.

19 June 2018

Brilliant club! Their students nights on Thursday are amazing as they offer free entry until 11pm and drinks like shots and Jäger bombs for only £1 all night! On Thursday's, most of the people in the club are friendly and fun - I've never not felt safe at their student nights. It's a brilliant place for the gay student community and their music is an amazing mix!

15 June 2018

Cheap entry, cheap drink, amazing vibe and amazing, varied music across all floors. Staff are friendly. Literally the only place I’ll go!!!

7 June 2018

Loveeeeee this place. Can sometimes be a little dead but the staff are lovely and the diversity and acceptance is simply amazing. And some amazing drinks offers!

9 May 2018

Great atmosphere with reasonably priced drinks and quality sound and lighting. Always a fun night out.

25 April 2018

This is the best club in Birmingham. Every night they have something different going on and with multiple floors there’s music for everyone.

21 April 2018

Really friendly place with great entertainment and wide range of music. Certain nights are particularly good value for money with £1 drinks and free entry.

18 April 2018

Cheap drinks on a thursday and good deals with free entry and drinks on saturday, best music especially upstairs playing RnB, downstairs also good mix between charts and throwbacks.

11 April 2018

Nightingales is undeniably the best night out in Birmingham. The venue, although smaller than other locations, is easy to navigate and friendly so if you get lost on a night out you are capable of finding company! Most recommended would be student nights on a Thursday; £1 drinks are essential for anybody who is on a budget but still wants to have a good time. Although it is the most popular gay club in birmingham, they are more than accepting for straights allies to experience the fun of the club, and with the podiums scattered across the dance floor it really lives up to its reputation of being the no1 dance club. Often drag performers will entertain the crowds, strutting on the run way and has even held famous names such as Nadiene from girls aloud or Sasha Velour from Rupauls drag race. It’s also a safe club to be in- I’ve lost my purse twice and it has always been handed into the bar with everything still in tact. My absolute favourite club, even if it is a bit of a trek to get there!

9 April 2018

A good night out! The gayest place I’ve ever been and I have so much fun there! Staff are friendly, music is brill and I love the artwork!

9 April 2018

It’s a great environment, staff are friendly and drinks are cheap on a Thursday night!! Music is great too, with 4 rooms it’s hard to not have something you’ll like !

8 April 2018

Nightingales is a great atmosphere. The venue is situated close to Arcadian and Chinatown and the Hippodrome. It consists of three floors that plays chart music, indie music, house, R&B and basement. There are 4 rooms in total. On Thursday nights and Saturday nights, its free entry before 11 and midnight respectively and drinks are £1 all night on Thursday and £1 before midnight on Saturday. This shows the Nightingales has good value for money especially at 'Pounded on Thursday nights. The atmosphere is uplifting and liberating, everyone is friendly and are just having fun. There are also times where there are live performances, like Nadine Coyle from Girls Aloud and JoJo.