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23 November 2018

The location of this campus accommodation is very convenient. It is a short walk away from the university and the city centre. There are a few essential stores on campus, Tesco and Ryman's. In addition there are some food and coffee shops too, Greggs, Costa, Wok & Go, and soon a Rio's Chicken shop. There are cleaners that come to clean the kitchen too. If you are looking for an accommodation to meet other students and enjoy the benefits of a vibrant city this is the accommodation for you. There is a shuttle service to First Love Aston on Sundays too, if you are looking for a youthful vibrant fellowship!

23 November 2018

Big room with lots of space. The accommodation staff were friendly, good system for mail you will get an email etc

14 June 2018

Students union could be cheaper and do more things such as gigs! Its soo pricey considering its supposed to be for us students! Good range of societies however the guild dont help to run them very much and the sports clubs dont often take novice's! Careers service were a waste of time when I went for advice. Campus is good with lots of facilities, study spaces and computers

13 June 2018

The location of Mary Sturge to the main buildings on campus was unbeatable, only a three to five min walk. I lived on the 17th floor and the view was incredible, although noise definitely still traveled that high from the street, quite loudly, but that’s to be expected in a city. The room sizes were adequate, bathrooms were small but functional, and plenty of desk space. Outlets were limited to the desk area, not located elsewhere in the room. The other three blocks of Mary Sturge were undergraduate, which was a bit irritating as a postgraduate student, but unavoidable. Laundry facilities had changes to method of payment halfway through which caused some problems but were fixed in a few weeks.

5 June 2018

It was a good hall! Rooms are spacious & kitchen is a nice size. Would help if they had a tv and sofa in the kitchen tho.

26 April 2018

To start with, I think that the hall room is actually very big (bigger than I expected before arrival) with a double-sized bed which I love the most. The en-suite bathroom is not really spacious but still comfortable as you don't have to share with anyone else. The kitchen is also big enough and there are six stoves, I need to share with four people. The room will be cleaned twice a month.

23 April 2018

I found that living here was convenient in several ways, starting from how close the actual university is to my accommodation, making it easy to travel to my lectures on a day to day basis. Also the convenience of how close it is the city centre, where I can do all my shopping and etc.

10 April 2018

Really nice and good for the money that you pay. Mary sturgeon is in the best location as it is close to the main road so it only takes about 10 minutes toctown and it’s also next to tesoc the library and the main huilding. It’s also not too loud as it is mostly second and third year students who get out there. I would recommend it to any first second or final year student and definitely go for the double bed five room flats as it is much more comfortable.

16 February 2018

I am currently a second year student living in Mary Sturge and it is a great experience. Living in this block in particular I share a flat with students from Australia and America and it is amazing to have such a diversity amongst me. It gives me an insight into differences in culture and provides me with the opportunity to share their holidays with them. The room itself is very spacious with a 3/4 bed and a lot of storage space which is really good. The bathroom is a perfect size and is also a very clean state. The location is really good too, it says only less than a five minute walk to the main building where all my lectures take place too.

28 December 2017

Mary Sturge has a very good view if facing outside towards the courtyard. The rooms are a decent size and is a pretty clean area to live in. It is 5 mins away from the city centre which is convenient.

28 December 2017

Every month people clean kitchen, take bins every few days and it’s clean. The rooms are lovely and cosy except it can get a little cold and people can hear from your room. Nice clean rooms though.