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27 November 2018

It is very close to town which means you are close to restaurants etc. It is accessible from University too.

F Manji
27 November 2018

Living at Liberty Close was great. It was really easy to get to university everyday and even easier to get to town. My bedroom had loads of wall space to personalise it, as well as ample storage, and the kitchen/lounge area was really big, especially when you compare it to other student accommodation.

29 April 2018

Location is good as central and close to nightlife, shops, trains and buses also close enough to uni that it’s not a pain to get to The facilities are reasonable for the money that is paid

15 April 2018

Lovely halls, good size kitchens with a living room area. Location is slightly further from uni but easy to get to by 5 minute train or a walk down the canal. Very close to broad street so great for a night out and no extra uber costs! Also very close to the Bullring and city centre so very convenient if you ever need to just pop in.

11 April 2018

Firstly I didn't receive any of my SIX options for accomodation. Im out celebrating results day and the email for accomodation pings up on my phone. Fair to say it ruined the day. Liberty living queen's hospital close? I didn't even know it existed...oh that's why it's a train ride away from the uni or an hour walk! After spending the rest of the day trying to get in touch with someone and ask them how this happened I was finally told "it was the closest match to your three option." If I put six options it meant I liked all six options more than that one. Not I didn't get my top three now let's decide what's shed prefer for her this unknown accommodation or the last three on her list. I really feel these halls compromised my time at university it made it hard to get to get to and from the University. Imagine going in for a lecture at 9 £3 train ticket coming home at 3 as your lectures have finished. Your friend saying let's meet at uni at 7 to try out this new dance society. Back to uni, another train ticket. Back home to get changed for a night out at the guild. Night out at the guild, Another train ticket or taxi. Transport was not subsided so I just ended up not going. However lift this accomodation up and put it right next to the uni = perfect. It was spacious and had an ensuite and onsite staff were so kind and helpful. Another positive within a 5 minute walk from pryzm and broad Street and a 10 minute walk to the city centre! In sum: Mixed emotions

2 April 2018

was unhappy at first to have been put in partner accomodation but i ended up with a double bed, a massive kitchen and i'm right by the nightlife so never have to pay for taxis. Only downside is paying to get to uni, a shuttle bus to uni would be a good bonus

24 February 2018

At first I was disappointed that I was placed in a halls so far away from campus (a 45 minute walk or a train journey) where extra costs for the train are needed; however I love living in the city with the bullring and broad street being a 10 minute walk away. I feel very safe here and feel like other residents create a community.

24 February 2018

Nice, safe accommodation but very far from the University. Rooms were nice but very small and quite pricey for a accommodation off campus. On the other hand very close to the centre of bham as well to broad st, bham’s nightlife

26 January 2018

So it does the job basically. I think I go a bit of a shit deal tbf, I wanted the vale and now it does feel like you get left out. The beds a big, The shower doesn’t flood but hot water can be a bit of an issue, feel like I’m the only one who’s tried to fixed this. My flatmates are nice enough but they do a lot of stuff without me and well flatmates are incredibly hit and miss. The dryers have been broken for a couple of weeks now and we’ve been told it could be another week. Here is right by broad street tho, so you don’t have to pay for Ubers back home after a night out, but fab is a bit of a treck. The blocks seem isolated and I don’t really know anyone is any flats apart from those which are across the hall and downstairs. Social area is poor. Staff are very helpful and there are regular maintenance visits and our fire alarms don’t go off a lot, a problem which liberty court has.

2 January 2018

The rooms/living area did not have very nice decor, the colours were not very nice to look at. Being so far away from University campus meant spending a lot of money on getting a train into campus each day, if you forget something there's no opportunity to quickly rush back and get it. The distance also meant being distanced from all friends on the Vale etc. The year I was there was quite unsocial, more should be done to get people to speak to one another in the first week.

2 January 2018

The actual halls itself facility wise was very good. It had a massive common room with plenty of TV's and a pool table, the kitchen was well sized and so too was the living room and sofas. The only issue was its location, it was a train ride or 40 minute walk from uni, not on the main undergraduate area which meant it was inconvinient for meeting and making friends.

28 December 2017

Location is far from campus BUT brilliant for being able to live right in the city of Birmingham whilst still feeling safe. A 10 min walk to the Bullring and being close to Broad Street for nights out will really make your first year a sociable experience. Use the common room and the pool table as its there for you! Good value for money for what you get compared to campus accommodation but you may end up spending about £10 a week on the train.

28 December 2017

Good location for clubbing and good reception which has 24 hour security and very good and quick maintenance service

28 December 2017

The halls were ok, the actual accommodation was in full working order and relatively clean when I moved in. Although the bathroom was a bit dirty, in particular the shower. The accommodation was relatively spacious but in terms of décor it definitely felt like living in a school due to the blue carpet and cream walls so pictures were necessary. The main issue with the halls was the location as it was so far from University and required a train journey (which becomes expensive when twice a day) or a 50 minute walk which isn't really practically day to day.

28 December 2017

Amazing location - right next to city centre just a bit far from the university, nice common room but barely used. Very easy to make friends as blocks are close

2 December 2017

Only a 15 minute walk away from the city center and 1 train stop away from the University of Birmingham, liberty close is probably one of the best located halls to live!!

15 November 2017

Location is perfect to get to the city centre and the rig shopping centre (10 min walk) and to broad street where all the clubs are (4-6 min walk depending on which club you’re going to). Only issue is getting to the university - it’s a 40 min walk however only one stop on the train (5 min to the train station). Reception and security are available all the time and are really lovely. Rooms are fairly sized but have very little floor space.

15 November 2017

Location is perfect to travel to the city centre (10 min walk) and broad street - where all the clubs are (4-7 minute walk). Only issue is getting to the university (40 minute walk) but is only one stop on the train and it only takes 5 min to talk to the train station so overall 10-15 minute journey! Common room is great to chill in and blocks of flats are all close so it’s very easy to make friends.

15 October 2017

Living so close to town, you might think you live far from the uni, but adding the cost of travel to your room rate, STILL leaves you better off than living closer to campus with an ensuite. The rooms have loads of storage space, including under bed storage and the kitchen/lounge is really big, perfect for freshers week pres. There's 24 hour security, as well as on-site maintenance, so it's really easy to sort out any problems you might have.