23rd in Nightlife
1st in Belfast

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Student Friendliness
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8 February 2018

Good club, good music the atmosphere depends on which night you are there sometime it can be dead other times it’s rocking never had a bad experience though always go back to it

6 February 2018

Very good venue with good music and friendly people and staff, great selection of events. Very good for students and young adults

3 February 2018

Most nights there are amazing offers on for really cheap drinks, the three sections of the bar make it really easy for people who like different things, so even if you are the one person who likes a quiet night you can stay in katys bar without missing a night with mates!!

2 February 2018

Absolutely lethal club, always have a great night every time I go there, split into 3 different sections for all the different music lovers with a massive smoking area!

31 January 2018

Different music nights, great atmosphere each time, very student friendly with deals, great drink promotions, vouchers for drinks handed out. Seriously good night

31 January 2018

Pretty great place to hangout and have drinks. A place to that is convenient to go to and back to home. Don't need to worry too much about the atmosphere too.

29 January 2018

Unreal value for money, unreal music love love love love scratch Monday’s best night of the week!! A must for all UU and queens students

28 January 2018

Love the bar think it’s a great place for students and adults to go and have fun they have so much on and the venue is located nicely in town not that far away

26 January 2018

Great music, fits all tastes, amazing dj especially on a monday and cheap drinks. What more could you ask for?

13 January 2018

Lots of good deals on during the week (£3.50 doubles on Mondays!!!!!) Good range of music and big venue.

13 January 2018

Large venue, good value for money, great drinks promos during the week which is perfect for students, friendly staff. Can get too crowded especially upstairs and outside women's bathroom. Cloakroom was full when we arrived to had to dump our jackets in a corner. Great mix music for every taste.

13 January 2018

Class spot for a night out, never had a bad night out here. Drinks are relatively cheap and the musics good. Also one of the closest bars so thats never a bad thing. All in all solid night out can never be disappointed. Although the ques are mental lately.

1 December 2017

Really fun, cheap student nights with both the charts music and a separate room with the classic oldies! It's always busy and the bar is good value!

16 November 2017

The venue has a number of different rooms, each with an alternative genre of music to ensure that everyone can enjoy their preferred genre of music.