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11 December 2018

Music is always consistently good. They host loads of gigs of all types of music that make for great nights out. Atmosphere is useless great, very welcoming to students. Fairly good value for money.

Lauren Fox
11 December 2018

Limelight is a fantastic venue for all students to attend on a daily basis , it was like 2/3 floors with music of all kinds to suit those people that like different music from others . Also the main room, the drinks are so cheap and which students will agree it's the best thing of all! As student loans don't last long

11 December 2018

Good deals for free drinks and entry given out during freshers week. Music is good in all the bars. Bit too busy sometimes but overall a good atmosphere and cheap drinks if you go on the right night.

11 December 2018

the atmosphere was great, party vibes, tunes were great throughout the night jus an all round great night

11 December 2018

Good night, good times, good tunes. Everyone was really nice and I had won a free entry ticket a free cocktail ticket and a free table for me and my friends. Overall very good night

11 December 2018

This place has it all. Fantastic venue for gigs, always good sound and not too big. Various themed club nights in the week with drink promotions for students. And I'd you're not a clubber; there's always Katy's bar for a less hectic pint. Never had any bother with people there or with staff, only great memories. I'd recommend to anyone but especially if you're music lover, very easy going place .

10 July 2018

Very good location, the venue itself is very good with different rooms for people with different tastes of music therefore caters to everyone. Staff are nice and friendly also.

1 July 2018

A fun and friendly place to party with an outside beer garden, there are many different rooms to suit your style and music taste and is always busy with a very positive attitude towards students

26 June 2018

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.. only place for it is LIMELIGHT. with all types of music, face painters, balloon drops, cocktail bar, circus acts - this is the best place for students. CHEAP ENTRY CHEAP DRINK COMPETITIONS .

6 June 2018

Unreal night out! Limelight is my favourite place to go in Belfast you have 3 choices between a club, goth sorta bar and chilled pub it’s fun

13 April 2018

Something on most nights, always good tunes and cheap drinks. Most popular spot in Belfast for students. Especially Monday nights.

30 March 2018

Definitely a place to go when you're looking to have a good night out. They have three different areas with three different types of music, and drinks are definitely a student friendly price.

5 March 2018

Great club with great music and the chocolate tequila is incredible. Good options in terms of different rooms with different music and quieter smoking area for a chat!

5 March 2018

Very good stuff very good night very good drinks very good vibes very good place very good smoking area very good

2 March 2018

Genuinely the best place to go for a night out on the town in city centre. Spent many a night in limelight and limelight two, as well as Katy's bar. Friendliest staff in any club all getting on like a big group of mates to provide the most dead on experience on a night out you can get.

28 February 2018

Absolutely brilliant party zone, djs are class and drinks promos are awesome. By far the best club to go to in Belfast Monday through to Saturday, especially sketchy and scratch.

27 February 2018

Great music and atmosphere. Friendly staff, easy access to location and good venue. Easy access to bar and different rooms for different genres of music.

25 February 2018

Limelight has something for everyone. Mondays have throwback cheesy pop songs from the early 2000s, Modern R&B songs and Rock all in separate rooms to appease all visitors. Thursdays have Techno and Rock, and Tuesdays have a whole variety. And with a double vodka redbull costing just £3.50, what’s not to love?

21 February 2018

Unreal music is mint was a good crowd in it had a really good time with me and my mates love it upda it’s shocking class bah drink is amazing

21 February 2018

Love themed nights. Cheap drink. Different music in each of their four bars. Always a great crowd no matter what day of the week!

19 February 2018

Cheap entry and drinks through the week, friendly, music for everyone, 3 rooms of music, easy going and fun atmosphere, friendly staff,

13 February 2018

Very good nightclub. Has three different areas with different types of music. Cheap entry aswell and a good night out.

13 February 2018

Love Limelight, never half a bad experience there. Love the aspect that there are sort of three places in one, with all of them playing different styles of music so it suits groups of people to go if everyone likes something different. Atmosphere always good and staff always pleasant.

12 February 2018

A good spot for students to go and have a good time, great current music and different rooms to suit your taste. Also a beer garden on the top floor to get some air