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11 December 2018

Always a safe shout. Have been multiple times and some of my best nights out have been there. Have been most nights of the week as I enjoy the music and it's near where I live. I like the venue and the layout as well as the option of the limelight 2.

11 December 2018

Great value for money with students nights weekly. Huge range in entertainment with concerts, comedy nights, 80's nights.. the list goes on. On a normal night the club is split into 3 main areas, a more dancey area, a rock area and a more chill pub area. So yourey sure to find somewhere you like!

11 December 2018

Great atmosphere causes heheheusua euididisiei wish dirk did a better place wfor was is gonna a good time I wanna was a great day to go get back together with a good ol was the only thing that was a little too dressy and then I had to do it a bit too expensive for drinks but it hahahahaha and the drinks are so horrible and the drinks were so awful and I was like I just don't ya wanna go get a drink or a takeaway and get a subway and go to get home a drink and drink drinks and drinks for drinks and then go back home to go get back and go get home or do you wanna is a great day and they are all the way out of the drinks they are always great for drinks but I don't think I'm going back because they do not wanna get it to be the drinks I don't know if I'm going home because they don't know how ya feel about the drinks they are so rude to you because it's a great night and I wanna

11 December 2018

Music is always consistently good. They host loads of gigs of all types of music that make for great nights out. Atmosphere is useless great, very welcoming to students. Fairly good value for money.

Lauren Fox
11 December 2018

Limelight is a fantastic venue for all students to attend on a daily basis , it was like 2/3 floors with music of all kinds to suit those people that like different music from others . Also the main room, the drinks are so cheap and which students will agree it's the best thing of all! As student loans don't last long

11 December 2018

Good deals for free drinks and entry given out during freshers week. Music is good in all the bars. Bit too busy sometimes but overall a good atmosphere and cheap drinks if you go on the right night.

11 December 2018

the atmosphere was great, party vibes, tunes were great throughout the night jus an all round great night

11 December 2018

Good night, good times, good tunes. Everyone was really nice and I had won a free entry ticket a free cocktail ticket and a free table for me and my friends. Overall very good night

11 December 2018

This place has it all. Fantastic venue for gigs, always good sound and not too big. Various themed club nights in the week with drink promotions for students. And I'd you're not a clubber; there's always Katy's bar for a less hectic pint. Never had any bother with people there or with staff, only great memories. I'd recommend to anyone but especially if you're music lover, very easy going place .

10 July 2018

Very good location, the venue itself is very good with different rooms for people with different tastes of music therefore caters to everyone. Staff are nice and friendly also.

6 July 2018

Always a good night, having different rooms with different types of music makes it easy for everyone to be happy. Good value for money too, and easy to get to.

1 July 2018

A fun and friendly place to party with an outside beer garden, there are many different rooms to suit your style and music taste and is always busy with a very positive attitude towards students

26 June 2018

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.. only place for it is LIMELIGHT. with all types of music, face painters, balloon drops, cocktail bar, circus acts - this is the best place for students. CHEAP ENTRY CHEAP DRINK COMPETITIONS .

8 June 2018

It's got 3 rooms, one plays rock, the other plays pure cheese. In my opinion it's a shite hole. My mates love it though....

6 June 2018

Unreal night out! Limelight is my favourite place to go in Belfast you have 3 choices between a club, goth sorta bar and chilled pub it’s fun

5 June 2018

Limelight caters perfect for student life. During the week it has fantastic drink promotions to avail of and the staff are all nice too. It has three rooms, all playing a differently style of music and is one of thee safest most diverse clubs in the Belfast area. The door staff are normally nice. The reason it didn’t get five stars is it’s saturdays music is very repetitive.

14 May 2018

Always lots of stuff going on here. More and more small name and big name artists playing this place. I love that there are several venues in one here ;there's Katy's bar,beer garden,limelight 1 and also 2. Good there's a cloak room. In limelight one and two. Wick there never seems to be any air conditioning in the smaller gig venues can never remember if it is 1 or 2. And the floor is also super slippy in there.

2 May 2018

We always have a great night at Limelight! The three different sections to this place is amazeballs! So nice of them at freshers week to hand out free passes and free candy etc! Value for money isn’t bad either and all of my friends love this place!

30 April 2018

Limelight is a brilliant place to go, full of students especially on a Monday night! Very cheap however prices on a Saturday go up after 12 which is annoying! Venue is good it is right in center of town and it’s very easy to get taxi from the front. Every night has a different theme so therefore the atmosphere varies but is brilliant:) music is charts which everyone loves, espically for students:) overall very good place

28 April 2018

A club for every type of student! Cheap drinks, good music and decent craic! Biggest night out on a Monday, the best way to drink away those Monday blues Club itself is also great for intimate gigs with range of rooms for a range of vibes. Very student friendly with prices aswell as competitions regularly. When the nights over you're a 2 minute walk from all the food too so dead handy.

23 April 2018

Throughout my time at university limelight has been a regular location for me and my friends to go out to each Tuesday. The atmosphere is the best i have had especially the rock bar!! With students always getting free drinks and good promotional offers.

22 April 2018

Limelight is one of the most well-known locations in Belfast for a night out. There’s always something going on, whether that be a concert, a typical night in the club or even just a relaxing pint in Katy’s Bar. The atmosphere is always vibrant here, and it’s only a 5-10 minute walk from the city centre, so location is ideal.

18 April 2018

An excellent location for nightlife in Belfast. Always has great Events and DJ’s to ensure a fantastic night

15 April 2018

Limelight is a decent venue with two different rooms and a bar in between for whatever is your taste. went here for a night out and for a gig, Beers not cheap but wasn't expecting it to be. Staff were friendly and helpful, same in Katy's. Pillars block view a bit, but better than a ceiling falling on your head. If rocks your thing, then this is " the place " for a night out. No food served in the bar. A negative is that the bouncers are complete asshole and are overly aggressive for no reason