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After living in Belfast for almost 3 years, I could recommend it to anyone who's looking for a friendly city to live in. The weather is the only thing you'd dislike about Belfast as it rains all the time, but you get used to it. It's such a friendly city - everyone is so welcoming and kind. You could easily make friends at pubs or meetups as people are very open. There are lots of events going on and the comedy scene is growing rapidly, there are lots of theatres and comedy shows. I personally recommend the Lyric Theatre and the Accidental Theatre. It's very affordable to live in as well, accommodation is much cheaper compared to England and food is cheap too. Overall Belfast is a lovely city to live in!


Good value for money and very cheap city n general for rent And entertainment so that’s always a big help. Good variety of night life options, and good variety of bars for all price points. The food is also good

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