Waterside Court

9th in Bath



Such an ideal location, I personally think its a great site to be on because its halfway between town and Newton campus- it doesnt feel like im trapped. Great transport links, theres a bus going into town regularly in less than a minutes walk and both buses to uni in 3mins of walking. Although its not a bad distance to walk to town- about 20mins. Right outside Lidl and costa which is really convient. Staff were very friendly and helpful. The cleaners dont clean as much as they advertise- just a quick wipe of parts of the counter and a mop of the kitchen floor (which isn't ideal if you havent vacuumed prior). The court echos a bit so if your room is facing courtside it'll be quite loud if drunk people walk in. Parcel tends to be delivered in Charlton Court so you'd have to go round to fetch it (which is nothing in distance but a bit inconvenient when you've ordered it to be in Waterside). Staff tends to be over at Charlton so you'd have to walk over if there's a problem. Bike shed is horrid- super dusty and old bikes stored in there. Laundry room is a bit grim, and the app payment is convient only when it works. Also dont like the fact that they're rising the fees of the room ever year (by about £10+/month) even though nothing has changed/renovated. Wifi isnt bad but since there's so many students, youd have to refersh it every now and then to get full speed of it.