Polden Court

16th in Bath



Polden court was a lovely accomplishment in terms of space and catering. The rooms were large and en-suite and we were fully catered which saved me tons of grocery money. Because we didn't have to cook a lot we never really got social in the kitchen, the common room was mostly video games but we had some fun parties outdoors. It was only close to one of my lecture halls, i had to walk for at least 5 minutes to get to the others.

Jackie Nash

Really nice and big Rooms with en suites, however there are Lots of people to a kitchen which doesn’t matter that much because we have a catering card but would be nice to have less people to a kitchen because sometimes we do want to cook. Also there isn’t ‘flats’ like there is in other accommodations and only one common for everyone in the whole building so it isn’t as easy to make friends. It is an expensive accommodation but it’s worth it because it’s really nice.