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19 November 2018

I spent my first year here and I'm so so happy that I got these halls! Not only is it right on campus making it perfect to run to your classes if you've slept too long but it's got an amazing students union 2 seconds away and a shop in case you need some motivation finishing off an essay! The only downside to these halls is the 25/30 minute bus journey into the city centre and the buses can become quite irregular!

19 November 2018

Very good location social experience social areas room value for money and wifi, all very good and close to the su and uni

19 November 2018

I found Gardens an amazing experience! The houses are very professional and spacious. The room that I was in faced the field and it was so nice to hear the cows and sheep each morning.

19 November 2018

My room has a beautiful view of fields with sheep and cows. I love the size of my room and the size of the kitchen is really good for 10 people. The kitchen comes with 4 fridge-freezers, 2 ovens, 2 microwaves and 2 toasters which is ideal for a large house. All the rooms are ensuite which is perfect for the first year and a small double bed is perfect to rest after a long day at uni. My accommodation is about a 15 min walk from the main study building as it is furthest accomodation on campus.

11 August 2018

The rooms where small but comfortable and there is enough space to make it your own, however there isn’t much room for anyone apart from yourself, so having guests is difficult. The bathroom was basic, and the hot water didn’t always work. The kitchen is large with enough space for your own cooking utensils and food, however the cleaners do use the cupboard in there which can sometimes make it hard to relax when they come in and out so often whilst you have breakfast or lunch ect. For what you got at halls, it did feel like a lot of money, and many of my flatmates agreed that it was expensive even for ththough cheapest option.

25 June 2018

These halls provided me with a brilliant view, facilities, double bed, en-suite with fully working appliances, kitchen which had extra appliances such as a kettle, ironing board, oven, microwave, toaster and easy to use hob. There is also a lovely lake which can be good for walks which was right behind my room. Would highly recommend

15 June 2018

Excellent, really good kitchen with many fridges, cupboards, tables, chairs, and a sofa. Good bedroom with double bed, large desk, storage, and nice en suite. Good value for money gym, and a small but useful food shop. Social experience isn’t great, but halls look nice with good walks near by.

22 April 2018

Expensive rent but good location for classes. Mould was a consistent problem in the kitchen and neighbours had rats. It had beautiful surroundings but put a strain on social life as it’s so far from most parts of Bath

21 April 2018

Really nice sized rooms with double bed and a good amount of stroage with a large window. All rooms provide nice views of either campus or the surrounding fields. Good communal kitchen with a large space for people to hang out.

19 April 2018

Location on campus is good as it's easy to get to lectures and the buses are frequent and run into early hours of the morning. Great atmosphere and very communal in the sense that you meet lots of new people and is very sociable. The one things I would criticise is that there is only one phone to call security and this is located in the kitchen. I believe there should be one on each floor in case you are unable to get to the kitchen. There is also very limited mobile phone service on campus.

16 April 2018

The campus is located on a large open ground, that consists of public walk ways and forests that bring lots of wild life! In the spring time, we have baby lambs running around the fields. Moving onto the actual accommodation, it’s has big kitchen area, en suite bathroom and a decent size room as well as a double bed with lot of storage which comes in hand. The style of housing isn’t like normal uni flats, it’s like 10 bedroom house, it’s a unique style. Easy to make friends with the people who live in the buildings next to you as everyone is super friendly! I reccomend staying at gardens as we have the SU which hold events daily with cheap prices!!

1 April 2018

Newton park gardens accommodation is fantastic. the rooms are decent sized and very modern. Having an en suite makes life so much easier and i would highly recommend this accommodation to anyone.

26 March 2018

Expensive, out of the way of town but very easy for lectures and a very communal vibe, made a large friendship group within the accommodation blocks and plenty of parties.

24 March 2018

Good living conditions, very nice double bed with chic on suite. Close to SU and other students so nights out are always good. Downside long walk to bus and main campus

23 March 2018

These fairly large rooms are amazing. Lovely ensuite. However the heating is dodgy. The WiFi sucks. You don't get signal inside the building (so you have to go and stand out in the cold, rain and snow). It's on campus which is ideal for first year (as long as you don't do acting). Our cleaner Dave is a gem and we love him. The showers were blocked before we even got here. If you like a standing bath then you'll love these. The sinks are too small and the floor gets dusty easily. Not allowed to hang stuff on the walls which sucks and even if you apply for disability rooms or ground floor rooms because of disability, they will still put you on the top floor you get to know all of your neighbours really well. But it is way too expensive. Don't really know what I get from paying this much.

7 March 2018

Location is great because it's a nice mixture of rural on site and it then takes less than 30 minutes to get into Bath which has everything that we need, as well as the clubs.

3 March 2018

The halls are great there's loads of different things to do and the social experience is once in a lifetime

26 February 2018

the best view from our windows, so much space, new buildings which makes it even better, the double beds make all the difference, and having an en-suite meant i was nervous about one less thing when coming to uni

22 February 2018

The location of gardens is brilliant as u are never too far from ur lecture but at the same time the bus is a fair distance to walk to from halls

20 February 2018

I love the halls in gardens, they are really new, security is always a phone call away, I have become a small family with the people I live with and I hope to keep them as friends for the rest of my life.

16 February 2018

I still got an amazing room on campus even though it was my insurance choice. I love the fact that me and my 9 flat mates are spread out over 3 floors as it is very similar to a normal home.

16 February 2018

I still got an amazing room on campus even though it was my insurance choice. I love the fact that me and my 9 flat mates are spread out over 3 floors as it is very similar to a normal home.

1 February 2018

It is a great location and really easy when it comes to staying late at uni and then having to make your way home as it is only a five minute walk up the road. All of the facilities are great as every room has its own personal en suite meaning that you got to have your own personal space without being interrupted. It is a great way to make friends with other people that go to the uni especially people that do different courses to what I am doing and it is a great way to socialise as well as having your own space. It is a great way to properly experience uni life.

31 January 2018

Perfect location for both lectures and the SU. You’re next to so many different houses that it’s easy to bond and have house parties in