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11 August 2018

The rooms where small but comfortable and there is enough space to make it your own, however there isn’t much room for anyone apart from yourself, so having guests is difficult. The bathroom was basic, and the hot water didn’t always work. The kitchen is large with enough space for your own cooking utensils and food, however the cleaners do use the cupboard in there which can sometimes make it hard to relax when they come in and out so often whilst you have breakfast or lunch ect. For what you got at halls, it did feel like a lot of money, and many of my flatmates agreed that it was expensive even for ththough cheapest option.

22 April 2018

Expensive rent but good location for classes. Mould was a consistent problem in the kitchen and neighbours had rats. It had beautiful surroundings but put a strain on social life as it’s so far from most parts of Bath

26 March 2018

Expensive, out of the way of town but very easy for lectures and a very communal vibe, made a large friendship group within the accommodation blocks and plenty of parties.

23 March 2018

These fairly large rooms are amazing. Lovely ensuite. However the heating is dodgy. The WiFi sucks. You don't get signal inside the building (so you have to go and stand out in the cold, rain and snow). It's on campus which is ideal for first year (as long as you don't do acting). Our cleaner Dave is a gem and we love him. The showers were blocked before we even got here. If you like a standing bath then you'll love these. The sinks are too small and the floor gets dusty easily. Not allowed to hang stuff on the walls which sucks and even if you apply for disability rooms or ground floor rooms because of disability, they will still put you on the top floor you get to know all of your neighbours really well. But it is way too expensive. Don't really know what I get from paying this much.

3 March 2018

The halls are great there's loads of different things to do and the social experience is once in a lifetime

22 February 2018

The location of gardens is brilliant as u are never too far from ur lecture but at the same time the bus is a fair distance to walk to from halls