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18 November 2018

good place to share a house with friends, I its in good location rught next to the campus. shopping possibilties are a bt further awasy down the hill. The house is a bit lived in and the rooms are pretty small , nevertheless they have everything you need and the accomation offic is eager to help where they can.

18 November 2018

Good location for second or third year, pretty quiet and it's useful having laundry/computer room nearby.

20 June 2018

The house i lived in was with 5 people. The rooms are a decent size and the location is very close to campus which is really handy as it would only take me around 10 mins to get to my classes. I personally found it a little expensive for the stuff you get. The kitchen we had was alright but no sofa and for £96 a week i thought you would get a little more stuff included. There is no fault however in the campus security team as they would respond very quickly to any complaint or faults in the house.

29 April 2018

The location is perfect for those, who like to roll out of bed and be at your lectures in a matter of minutes (after showering of course). The main university campus is 5 minutes walking from the furthest PJM house, so ones that are closer, will most likely, take less time. There is also a lounge area that is open 24/7 for when your laptop stops working and you need to hand in that assignment at 12pm (been there). In the same facility is the launderette, so you can write an assignment, eat from the vending machine and do laundry simultaneously. Don't tell me your parents wouldn't be proud!

31 March 2018

Great first house to meet new people as the house Holds maximum of 6 people. Big kitchen, 2 bathrooms so you never get in people way. Spacious rooms that you can easily make homely and good location as right opposite the university.

6 February 2018

The location is just perfect, 5 minutes from campus and can totally do for early lectures! WiFi Is really fast and rooms are rather big. Houses are warm and well maintained by uni. The PJM Lounge is my absolute favorite place to study, as it has great views and most of the time is really quiet too. Awesome place.

2 January 2018

Constant problems with the house, including mound, heating, fire alarms. Uni Staff slow to address issues within building but maintenance team that are sent are brilliant. With prices going up from sept 2018, I won’t be returning as it definitely is too expensive for the quality of accommodation provided.

2 January 2018

The location is really good, it's close to the campus and has amazing views. The lounge is nice, however the washing machines and dryers could use some TLC. The houses are close together so there's a nice sense of community, but sometimes you can get placed into a house with some really untidy and lazy people. My room is nice, I like the size and what is inside.

18 November 2017

Pentre Jane Morgan is easily accessible area that is very clean and is located right by the uni campus making getting to lectures in ten minutes. On the whole, I am pleased with my room, it is a good size and well laid out and the kitchen is spacious too, perfect for socialising with housemates. There have been one or two problems not actually with the house itself but some of the items supplied which when reported have been dealt with quite quickly. Overall I am happy with where I live.