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Great room with a sea view. Very large. Comfy beds. All bills imcluddd at a reasonable cost. Showers are powerful. Kitchen could be bigger and have more storage space.


Very nice. The people working there are always really helpful. Any problems are handled quietly and efficiently, they are willing to go as far as needed to make staying at Alexandra halls a nice, clean and functioning plays to live. The facilities when we moved in where clean and I've never had a problem with them.


Top notch place: One could not ask for a more cordial, relaxing and inviting setting to lay the scene for the years while you're at university. The promenade and sea front of Aberystwyth are a bracing, natural and wonderful environment, with invigorating winter breezes, long hot summer days and warm mellow spring evenings, all at your doorstep. The staff contained with in this beautiful late Victorian building are pleasant and constantly willing to do anything to satisfy even the most peculiar of requests, they are the binding agent in this familial setting. The rooms are of a good quality, they are clean, organised, well maintained and equipped with the basics, it is your canvass to make what you will of your university experience. - A cheap canvass at that! I find it impossible to have a less than perfect experience while living here, anyone who says anything other than this is simply fabricating it in my experience. Normally because they have a preexisting prejudice towards the building, probably because someone didn't cook them dinner or tuck them in at night. If you can afford it, you need look no further for the perfect place to spend your time at uni. *This is a personal opinion piece and has not been coerced in anyway, shape or form. Granted it is a little over the top, but only because some people have been so horrid about staff that frankly do their utmost to please everyone.