The Tunnels

6th in Nightlife
1st in Aberdeen

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17 November 2018

The Tunnels is always a good night club if you like dancing. Music is normally techno; with occasionally disco / acid music etc. (All Night Passion is THE best night in Aberdeen and only happens about once a month at the tunnels so it's normally mega busy for that night) The atmosphere is chilled and everyone is there for a good time not a long time, haha! Relatively cheap booze (£2 vodka mixers?) and never tooo busy that it takes ages to get served at the bar - it's normally pretty quick! There's often visiting dj's up playing which makes it even better and the staff are all sound. All in all I rate a night in Tunnels and it's the only nightclub I'd pay to get into in Aberdeen. Also not too many freshers cutting about, lmao!!!

17 November 2018

Decent club, decent folk decent shapes. Prices are fair and so are the prices of the drinks. Never queue for long, tuesdays and Thursdays defiantly the most popular with students

17 November 2018

Play really upbeat techno music. Super dancy vibes. Mostly filled with students Cool location, actually in a tunnel underground. Really close to everything else in town. Negatives being that they have no cell service in or sometimes out of the door. As well as drink prices are often unnecessarily high

26 June 2018

This is very good for people whom like the underground house and techno scene. As a student i found it is a great place to make friends with other people whom have the same interests and like minded people. the people are very open and down to earth and as a person of the LGBTQ i found its a place for anyone and everyone to be open and just enjoy the music and get on with one another.

19 June 2018

Such a good atmosphere every time, loads of different djs and cheap drinks compared to all the other clubs !!

1 May 2018

Always a good night out. Good music if your into techno, cheap drinks on Thursdays and a usually a good crowd. Central location and lots of good events on most weeks. Definitely worth a visit!

30 April 2018

The music is good if you're into techno, aberdeens equivalent to sub club or flat 0/1 in Glasgow. Itis very student orientated with most PR's and people running the club being university students themselves. On a Thursday for their night "Rare" the entry fee is around £5 and drinks aren't too expensive either, entry fees can be higher when dj's play at the club. The club takes on amazing dis from across the world every weekend.

27 April 2018

The music and atmosphere at tunnels is top class, the only place to be in Aberdeen on a Thursday night, staff are always friendly too, cheap drinks and cheap entry, the music and DJ's are so good and nothing else like it in Aberdeen. The lighting and the sound systems really add to the night out.

18 April 2018

Most incredible atmosphere, happiest club I’ve been to. Small so it’s never empty. Always loo roll in the toilets. You can wear trainers rather than heels. Rare Thursday club nights are always a win. A sense of community with all who go regularly. Bouncers are nice enough. Entry is usually reasonable, however drinks can be kind of expensive. Great music, best club in Aberdeen.

3 April 2018

Best location for a messy night out. Always has a friendly crowd, many of which are rare Thursday regulars. The music isn't too bad either and you can always be assured of an after party where the madness of the night continues into the afternoon of the next day.

29 March 2018

I’ve never had a bad night in Tunnels. The venue is pretty small, but the vibe is amazing. Drinks are at a reasonable price so there is nothing to complain about. I highly recommend it to the lovers of techno. Definitely my favourite club in Aberdeen!

26 March 2018

The best venue in Aberdeen. Always have the best time, great atmosphere and a range of music. Tunnels is a place where you never fail to bump into pals or end up making new ones. Friendly vibes and has a range of ace nights running weekly. Perfect for students

Kieran Whitaker
22 March 2018

Tunnels is a class venue, never any fights or trouble and quality music. Prices are fair and the bouncers are sound too

19 March 2018

A great venue hidden underneath the main streets of Aberdeen. Offering something different to Aberdeen and the general music scene, bringing in great acts.

19 March 2018

Best Dj’s in Aberdeen making people boogie all night long. Small ceiling gives a cool tight atmosphere, feel close to the action. Cheep alcohol

6 March 2018

Absolutely incredible venue, great smoking area. Shame that the drinks went up from 1.50 to 2.00 but that is still super cheap. Really really enjoy Meld and Rare at this venue and have seen many good live djs.

28 February 2018

Tunnels is the go to place in Aberdeen, great people, strong drinks and a brilliant atmosphere. Recommend for everyone I’d youre in the area!

5 February 2018

The music is fantastic, the people who work there are lovely and the drinks are super cheap. All night passion is always the best night of the month and rare the best of the week. As long as you buy your ticket in advance it’s never too expensive and ideal for students on a budget.

2 February 2018

Best music going, very funky, rare and all night passion are cheap as chips for what they offer. They always host event after party’s (eg minival) and there’s none of the usual fighting etc you get from other nights cos everyone’s so happy and chilled.

12 January 2018

The Tunnels is the best night out in Abz, period. Rare Thursdays especially are like church for me and the boys, with cheap tickets or entry, sound bouncers and the best music going. Drinks are cheap and the folks are bouncing. Decent smoking enclosure with good cover from the rain.