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2 November 2018

Location for centre of town was brilliant, not far from bus/train station and all shops and nightlife. The halls themselves are no frills so means the cost of accommodation is kept to a minimum. When it comes to social life woolmanhill residents know how to party, generally people are friendly and everyone wants to get to know their new neighbours - very different to more expensive halls in the city. Overall a great choice for reasonably priced city centre accommodation.

2 November 2018

Relatively central location. Best place for a social life as there could be potentially 700 students. Rooms are not that great. En suite rooms are nice and handy but probably not worth the money

2 November 2018

Woolmanhill flats made first year the best year of my life. I made amazing friends in my block and others, the rooms were big enough to feel homely but not like a prison cell and we're super easy to decorate, the location was perfect for town but the 45 minute early morning bus to uni was a nightmare sometimes.

2 November 2018

The halls are in a very good location but look quite dull from the outside. Kitchen space is great and very large . Rooms are small but comfortable. No social areas really apart from smoking area .

2 November 2018

Woolmanhill flats are situated in a perfect location right in the town center. Great for all the scoial events of first year! There was also an early morning bus service that would leave right outside the flats. Along with the great location there was also a 24 hour staff service for any problem which was very handy. Although the rooms are small i still enjoyed staying there and making the space my own. Great way to meet lots of different people.

2 November 2018

Location a+, social life a+, flats c+, experience a+. Absolutely, loved staying in woolmanhill, its a great experience and really convinient if you are in RGU. I totally recomment.

18 June 2018

Woolmanhill was a great place to live if it is your first time away from home and Aberdeen is new to you. With it being the largest of all the halls of residence you will meet the most people and most likely your friends for the next 4 years. It can be loud at night and sleep can often be missed here but it is definitely worth it and I would recommend staying here. The only negatives are the rooms are small and the heating seems to always be on so it is always roasting!

6 June 2018

Woolmanhill flats are the cheapest halls available for RGU students, and when you first walk in the rooms have the charm of a prison cell. Single bed, sink and mirror in the corner, all very minimalistic, but it grows on you. Especially when you get as lucky with your flatmates as I did. Plus there's always a party going on somewhere so it never gets boring in Woolmanhill.

31 May 2018

I would give Woolmanhill Flats a 4 star (on its good days) I've just completed 1st year, Woolmanhill is 100% where the freshers parties are at! So close to the town centre and buses to uni, and we are lucky to have smart TV's in our communal areas. Although the bedrooms and doors etc are much resembling of a prison cell you will begin to make it feel more homely! I really enjoyed my time and Woolmanhill and you will definitely find lots of pals there! It's an experience I'll never forget, also watch out for the seagulls ;)

30 April 2018

So much fun if you like going out, always something going on. Decent facilities obvs get a bit rank cause we are students. Can get so noisy which is expected, music and shouting every night guaranteed. Central location is fab.

28 April 2018

From the offset woolmanhill looks like a prison. A prison with colourful windows at least. Apart from the exterior woolmanhill was the perfect place to be in my 1st year of uni. It was close to the shops, no problems with the facilities and the social experience was second to none when comparing to other RGU halls

22 April 2018

Good place to meet friends but the rooms are too small and the flats are too hot and can’t be cooled down. Also no grocery stores near which is inconvenient but deliveries are allowed. Overall the only good thing was meeting new people.

25 March 2018

In my opinion and from what I've experienced, woolmanhill is the best student accommodation for meeting people and getting a lot of contacts. It's a very social area and is almost like it's own little community within Aberdeen. This accommodation is situated in the centre of town which means that everything is on your doorstep. I'm coming to the end of my year in woolmanhill and will miss it a lot.

25 March 2018

Overall it's extremely basic, it's very warm when you fist move in but you get used to it. Rooms are small. It's great for the social side of things. It's only 10 mins away from city centre.

3 March 2018

The location is great, close to city centre and nearby the shops and clubs. The facilities here are really good for what we pay, full size couches and a TV for communal use which is great. The room sizes are quite small but it’s a good compromise.

5 February 2018

Very noisy lots of parties during the week which can be a downside but very sociable nice spacious living area and kitchen and close to city centre. Also busses running straight to the uni in the morninh

2 February 2018

Great halls. Decent sized rooms and communal areas. Ideal way to make new friends. Only complaint would be that maintenance issues (i.e. no hot water in flat) had to be reported several times before anything was done.

2 February 2018

Decent sized rooms and communal areas. Great way to meet new people. Very close to city centre. Only complaint would be that maintenance isn’t great.

25 January 2018

Didn't expect much with it being the cheapest of all the halls, but I absolutely love staying in woolmanhill. It's like a big community, everyone knows someone and it's a really sociable place. The room at first seemed small but is very comfortable to live in and the bed is really comfy. My flat had the orange walls which at first I thought might have been a bit of an eyesore but it actually gives the flat a warm feeling. Flat is insanely central Aberdeen and makes shopping and nightlife really easy e.g no taxi costs. The only downfall would be the distance to the university but most of the halls are just as far and bus stops are easily accessible from woolmanhill. Staying in woolmanhill made settling in for first year incredibly easy and the reception and maintenance staff are always very helpful.

28 December 2017

Woolmanhill halls are by far the best student halls from a social perspective in Aberdeen. Couldn’t have had a better first year anywhere else. Always opportunities to mingle and meet new people