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Expensive but good student nightlife and good shopping. Nice and not that big city, good bats and restaurants and nice art and space to walk around in the city centre


Everything fits really well in what I thought Aberdeen would be. Really nice student city with a lot of cheap dri king bars and night clubs with different music styles. The climate is the least liked thing. When it snows supermarkets collapse, food arrives late to be distributed and few food is available. Food is not bad, few traditional food to taste but a lot of international choices are available. Eventhough, eating wrll is much more expensive than eating bad, as fast food is sometimes cheaper than healthy one. Trasport always arrives late, even if there are a lot of bus lines although the service to the airport functions really well. Taxis are not expensive at all. There are a lot of shops missing as Bershka, Pull n everything needs to be ordered online which at the end of the day is really annoying. Coffee is really expensive compared to what we are used to in Spain.

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