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22 January 2019
The company is very welcoming to people completing internships. They spend a week training all interns together and then you head back to your office and work on projects as part of a team. You get great exposure and real responsibility! From working on client sites and speaking with teh clients to being able to attend company meetings and dinners, you are truly treated like a graduate employee. The six week internship gives your real insight and is a very rounded view of what working for PwC is like. You are always supported by team members and the managers but are pushed to work hard and learn as much as you can while you are there.
22 January 2019
Good work life balance. It is further study, having to complete either an ACA qualification or ATT (depending on audit or tax stream) however the benefits are incredibly rewarding in terms of career progress, salary and job prospects afterwards. If you put the work in, accounting can be one of the most beneficial places to work.

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