BT Broadband Reviews

Kate Atkin
very good quality, high speed broadband bit expensive but you get free connection to all btwifi hotspots across the country
WiFi is quite slow when contacted BT did very little to help. Very hard to get to the point where you can talk to a real person and even then they're not very helpful
Originally started out fast but has now started running very slow and won't load websites, when four people are using it.
Customer service is good - on the few occasions we have had issues these were resolved fairly quickly. Annoyingly they sneak the cost up when you get to the end of a contract term and you have to call up to then be offered discounted rates.
Bt broadband has been my provider for quite some time, over the years they have given some great offers and upgrades and once upgradinf to BT infinity my wifi has persistently been top notch.
Good speeds on the fiber packages, and the hub provided is pretty good, with reasonable wifi. Have had occasional issues, but they were quick to send someone out.
it is so so. it is very fast but sometimes it it very slow. sometimes it may be medium. this is because it can disconnect but sometimes it does not though it frequently does.
Good speeds most of the time, except for inexplicable outages at 11pm every day. Free BT Sport on the app is great for the odd Premier League game and Champions League. Pricey, but negotiate a discount when the deal is up and they will offer you a discount every time.
BT is great. The internet is fast and is very reliable and the customer service is great I haven't had any problems with them.
The speed of it is great but often has problems which leaves WiFi off for 5-10 mins and often not much help offered to fix the problem.
BT in my area has a very strong signal strength, and the speed is good. I can download a 70gb game within an hour where as other broadbrands like talk talk (which ny freinds have) takes nearly 8 hours. I would recommend to my family and freinds as it also withdstands its high speed when theres 4 people using it at the same time.
Charlotte Watts
Good speed, as is quite fast compared to othet provideers such as Virgin, especially in my area. And service good quality of internet connection. However BT could improve on customer service over the phone, for example when I previously rang up about an issue about being over charged it took 30 mins to get through and being transferred twice to talk to somone who could help me. Despite that the internet connection, as previously said is very good.
Great speed and runs smoothly. 'BT Fon' is a great way to connect to the internet when you're not close to the Hub. However, the reach around the entire house isn't great. Sometimes I have to move to another room to get better connection.
I have been using this broadband provider for a while now, nearly a year. they are very reliable and affordable. The connection is strong, I can use the wi-fi in any part of the house and still have full bars.
Usually good speeds but quality decreases in areas of the house far from the box or the extension. No other complaints
Monopolised the area in which my flat was located and didnt have enough ports for fibreoptic available when we moved in so had to hotspot off my phone for a month while studying at university. constantly cuts out and even on ethenet has low speeds
I have been with BT for a few years now and generally they are quite reliable, but there have been times where service has been spotty or the customer service has been incredibly difficult to negotiate. Generally they are on point with speeds and quick with fixes but for more rural areas they often leave you out to dry.
nazish asghar
BT Broadband's speed is always excellent, I never experienced any network problems or connectivity issues.
BT broadband is fast, cheap, and reliable. It is especially good for students as they offer a 9 month contract meaning we don't have to pay cancellation fees when we move out of our university accommodation.
Since upgrading to fibre optic, the speed of the internet has been amazing. With 3 devices streaming at a time it has coped well with no buffering. Has around 8-10 devices connected and has never struggled. Even wired an access point into the outside office through an Ethernet cable and the WiFi is as strong out there as inside.
Very good, good speed however sometimes can't reach upstairs even with the boosters, doesn't bother me as I'm ground floor but other flat mates can complain. Otherwise very happy with performance
Great speed good for multiple users at once. Although it does have a small scope for reach. Overall I would say it's a brilliant comapany for students and the like.
I've never had any problems with BT with them constantly being consistent in speed and reliability. Their Smart Hub gives me good coverage throughout the home with it rarely giving me speeds less than I expect, especially as I am paying for the highest speeds for fibre in my area. If there has ever been a problem, they have been quick to resolve it and they express their gratitude in my loyalty to them.
Poor service with regards to the received line speed. A stable but consistently slow connection. Very poor customer service with calls almost always diverted to an ineffectual Indian call centre and complaints are often lost.
Having been with BT a little over 7 months, I have been nothing but extremely pleased with the quality of service I've been provided with. For the very affordable price, it has been beyond expectations. I am able to watch and stream live content in clear, high quality. I am also able to watch live programmes, download documents, browse through social media and FaceTime my Mum without any trouble at all. 100% service, 100% would recommend.
Amazing, excekkent customer service. I was going to change provider and the other provider was taking forever and BT took me back. Absolute love for them.
Good speed and fairly reliable, although connection does drop out intermittently throughout the day. Price for packages is expensive, but as BT own the lines the customer service and information you receive about issues is superior to other companies.
I've been with BT for some years now and have not encountered any problems with them. The broadband has fast speed and connection is also great and as a uni student I am always on the internet researching and reading so for me I find BT great for their fast speed.
Overall, broadband at my house isn't great. The wifi is usually very slow so I usually end up having to use my mobile data instead as it is more reliable. However, my house is known to be a blind spot, being just a bit too far to get fibre optic and also not very close to the nearest tower either. BT have been better than our last broadband provider, but still the internet is very slow and often cuts out.
Very fast and pretty reliable however sometimes it stops working for no reason. BT are usually very helpful when this happens, and sort it out fairly quickly.
The internet drops in and out frequently and does not have a very good range. We had to contact customer service a few times - they were fairly helpful, except for the 24/7 online chat.
Very good coverage, however sometimes connectivity drops off here and there but overall very satisfied
We've have been with BT since we moved into our home around 9 years ago and we have never had very good broadband We live in a more rural area so understand the speed of our WiFi might not be great, however our WiFi constantly turns off during the day and comes up with errors on the box This is something we have been in contact with them about it multiple times over the year and they have never given us an answer for why our WiFi is so bad and often just send us a new box which does not fix the issue We would like to change provider but unfortunately due to where we live there are limited companies that provide broadband
Very good WiFi. Always works fast and is really reliable overall. I would highly reccomend to anyone.
Dan Eavis
When setting up, the customer service that was provided was really reassuring and happy to answer questions. Since installation, there has a flawless connection and good download speeds.
BT broadband is incredibly reliable and very fast. No drop off in signal almost ever and is affordable.
very fast broadband good customer service easy to set up the broadband worth the money easy to use helpful customer service when needed help
I have been with bt for years and they have been very helpful when things have gone wrong. Good internet speed and they are very reliable never had any serious problems.
They were the cheapest supplier when the contract was started but like many other providers they catch you out after a year by automatically increasing the price to over double the original price...
Reliable internet, fast fibreobtic with good WiFi range extenders, all about quality service and would recommend
Majority of the time the internet speed is very fast. Sometimes the internet does stop working or is really slow but this doesn't happen too often. There can be a lot of devices connected to the internet and downloads going on without the speed being affected. Also a very reasonable price!
I switched my broadband after a terrible experience with sky where my internet never worked. Now I am with bt my broadband is very reliable, it has never let me down so far, it's very fast, it will play Netflix on my laptop without buffering while also being used on other laptops for gaming eg Pubg and other games on Steam etc. It's a little more expensive than other providers but worth the reliability. Would definitely recommend!
The service has excellent speed and has been very reliable for our household of two students. I believe the cost is very reasonable and includes a landline service, however the only downside would be that the minimum contract length was 18 months, which makes it unsuitable for students only living together for one year.
Good speed and reliable. I had some account issues last year and the people I talked to were very helpful. I would recommend.
Switched to BT from sky as they offered a good deal and also have steady speeds. Haven't looked back since. Fibre optic has worked perfectly. Hits the minimum amount usually which is good. All good here.
Bt as far as the providers I've used is the best, yet still remains with a lot of flaws. When it does work, it works great, fast and reliable, however, there are numerous times the internet just turns of, slows down and then won't come back on for hours on end. Bt sport however, is a great perk
It is quite fast, but can sometimes just stop working/cut out on certain devices.
We never ended up going through with this as they were incapable of following through with their commitments
Used to be really good and efficient and you paid for a reliable service. Now the service is unreliable across all of my devices. The internet works fine on my phone and iPad. However doesn't work on my laptop all of a sudden meaning I cannot really do much of what I need to do due to this limitation. It is quite expensive so I am expecting more that this. I will plan on changing my broadband in the next year if this does not improve as the deals bt offer are not that attractive compared to other broadband providers. Thank you very much.
The reliability of my internet is not always great. I will lose connection to the internet a few times a day, it is really frustrating to keep having to connect and disconnect to the WiFi constantly. In addition, BT is a very expensive broadband to be with, considering there are so many cheaper alternatives out there.
BT has been the most stable broadband provider i've been with! Their service is great, however, I've come to the conclusion that their provided homehub router isn't the greatest when working across a medium sized house as I have to use an extension to be able to detect the internet in some places. Very fast and reliable though.
Moved from AOL as wasn't getting the service required. Turned out costly to switch but worth it. Good customer service, poor broadband speeds in the area although up the road have fibre by sport for the first few months is a bonus. Would recommend to others if fibre optic was an option. Billing is easier to manage with only one bill as only one provider for both phone and internet.
Very popular company which I think they use their advantage by having such huge prices and using words such as 'super fast' for basic speeds. Usually below the advertisement guarantee but customer service answer problems and can offer refunds.
Max speed we get is 35/40mpbs cannot get a faster speed. Paying for 75mbps. Cuts out alot of the time however very strong signal with the new broadband box.
- Stop raising prices - Make the WiFi speed faster - Ensure WiFi in every room of the house - Have better customer service or fire your employees - Don't put secret terms and conditions in the contract without telling us
BT infinity is still not in my area so we have to use a BT Hub. Very slow with intermittent loss of connection - jarring and sad. BT, please, do better!
A little expensive with the first payment but understandable with the setup fee etc. Great connection and if there are any problems they send out a technician ASAP.
A reliable and fast internet connection for a reasonable price on the student contract. Moved to BT as had endless problems with virgin media, and very glad I did. Have good wifi strength with the BT hub, even when 2 floors above the router.
Super fast broadband and always offering premium upgrades for existing customers not just new ones. I've never had a problem with the customer service and they were brilliant when they came to set it up for me at my new flat
I find that the connection drops frequently and is rather slow Reconnection time is usually slow, when it wants to be it can work wel but usually it's rather slow
With BT broadband i often experiance cut offs in the internet. this is a shame, when it works its decent but its too unreliable to be worth it. Also the customer service is the worst part, if you can get through staff are usually unhelpful.
A great provider who has constantly provided fast reliable internet speeds. LOVE them wouldn't ever change
I switched to BT after I had slow broadband with Sky. I was very disappointed. My internet with BT has been very low and has taken me over an hour to download 4 minute clips. When I went onto online chat to talk to someone, the man did not listen to my problem at all.
Very reliable, usually quite fast. We've used BT at home for quite a few years and it works well for a house of 6 occupants. Would definitely recommend
Great internet speed all of the time. Was very easy to set up and quick to install. Four of us use it at the same time and we have never had any problems.
Great but overtime it drops in standard by time , the conection isn't strong after a while , I am happy with what they are offering but it can be improved aswell, why don't they provide he bt sports instead of the standard rubbish it's not even standard it's worse than standard, it's sooo unclear.
BT has terrible customer service, they used to be good once but not anymore. They lost all my data which meant I had to restart my contract. at times the wifi will work other times it wont. not to mention their prices are extortionate!!
Very fast WiFi great for everything best broadband I've been with. Would highly recommend to anyone and very affordable for the great broadband network you receive. Wouldn't even consider swapping network and as I said I would highly recommend to anyone.
my bt broadband has basically no down time although it savrifices consistancy for download/upload speeds
Terrible service, upped the charges without telling us and the speed is terrible too, we get 7mbps and paying £45 a month for it.
Overall, BT is a very reliable provider which I rarely have drops in speed with. There are a large number of devices using the internet at one time in my house yet there are very minimal problems unlike at my family home. The price you pay is fairly realistic to the service provided.
We ordered a BT router and have received good internet for 2 people in a small house without fibre optic. No issues. Only thing I would say is that it's more expensive than we would have liked it to be.
Customer service was good! After having trouble with another provider, getting internet from BT was easy and stress free. Overall the speed is okay and the only real issue is it's fairly expensive! It's very reliable and I enjoy being with them.
Changed to BT from sky and it's so much quicker ! I can get onto the enternet almost straight away, the customer service is great and they are really quick to find something that isn't quite right