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Best 10 Student Freshers' Weeks
for 2020

The Best Student Freshers Weeks in the UK based on student reviews collected over 2019.


Nottingham Trent University

It was a great week, with the university holding lit events at their Student Union. Cheap drinks and good music for sure.


University of Dundee

Freshers week was great, even if I didn't drink a lot, the activities were great and the music during nights out at DUSA was amazing!


University of Portsmouth

Freshers week was awesome and well organised, and was also an amazing way to meet new people on the night!


De Montfort University

Amazing events held all week and all events are suitable for anybody 18+! A fantastic week to make friends for life.


University of Leicester

Freshers week had some good events on, and it was well marketed which made it easy to know which events you wanted to go to and which you didn’t.


Queen's University Belfast

Freshers week was great, there were lots of fun events to go to and lots of information given on how to get involved in the different events.


Bournemouth University

Freshers week was one of the best weeks of my life. I was able to meet lots of friends who I'm still friends with 3 years later.


Loughborough University

Way better than you could imagine! Literally non stop, plus it's 2 weeks long and there's a refreshers mid way through the year.


Lancaster University

Fresher's week at Lancaster University was great (went every year), with events every day and night to keep you entertained and easily meet new people to settle in quickly.


Northumbria University

This week was the most amazing experience ever. I had some of the best nights out of the whole year in Freshers.