Youth Insights Report: Students, GDPR, and Brands Whitepaper

Eleana Davidson on 10 January 2020

What's the guide all about?

The Youth Insights Report: Students, GDPR and Brands, was launched to better understand how students and youth audiences recognise GDPR and data protection, and their views on brands who fail to treat their personal data ethically. It is the biggest independent survey of its kind.

By reading this guide you will:

• Gain an in-depth understanding of to what extent students recognise the GDPR law.

• Find out to what extent students will hold a brand accountable should they fail to meet their obligations.

• Gain an in-depth understanding to what extent students recognise the impact data privacy scandals have had on social media platforms and the trust that students place in them (and how this impacts on your brand).

• Know the commonly used communication platforms students no longer trust.

• Understand the pitfalls brands should avoid if they don’t wish to turn off this savvy audience.


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Eleana Davidson
Eleana Davidson on 10 January 2020