Your workplace horror stories

Student Hut Panellistson 29 March 2023
Top down view of baristas serving customers

Thank you to everyone in the panel who shared their workplace stories with us. Here are some of our favourites.

Last month we took you through some of our workmates' horror stories from their time working and studying. We then put it to our panel to see if you had any to share with us. Here they are in all their embarrassingly hilarious glory:


“[I] dropped a fork on someone's head bringing empty plates down from the second floor to the first.”

Not what drip means

“[I] accidentally spilt some sweet chilli sauce on a customer's coat - was told to pay for dry cleaning. The worst part was that we have pegs to hang up coats in our restaurant so this could have been avoided.”

No multitasking allowed

“My boss made an office-wide ban on doing anything other than work because my colleague was writing his uni assignment and another was planning her wedding.”

Kids say the darndest things

“I worked with kids so they were always doing funny/embarrassing/awkward things, I had a student say ‘f*** you’ to me 1 hour into our first class of the year because I told them not to play on the playground structure meant for ages 2-8 since they would break it… the student was 13 years old.”

Dad would be proud

“When asked where someone came from, I answered "through the door" and I wasn't being funny…”

Least eager Lush staff

“When a customer asked me to demo a toothy tab at lush so I casually just chucked one in my mouth...foam started pouring out my mouth like a rabid dog!”


“A customer asked me a question on the shop floor and as I was giving directions I hit my own glasses with my hand and it flew right behind me and under the shelf. The customers were laughing at me.”

And I oop

“I shut a baby's hand in a window on my first babysitting shift.”

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge

“One of my students telling me they were staying at their grandparents' because mummy and daddy were having a cinema night. I said oh that's lovely! The child said, ‘Yeah! They're going to see 50 Shades of Grey!’... Ah, now I get why you're staying with your grandparents!”

I don’t know her

“[A] man came up to me just to ask if I knew P Diddy and was very surprised when I said no.”


“I work at an opticians and was noting down details and wasn't really paying attention. I asked if the patient had a sight test before, and they went 'well yeah'. I looked up at the patient because I was taken back by the abruptness and rude tone and noticed that they were wearing glasses 🙈

Do you have any interesting or funny stories from your time so far at uni? Members of the Student Hut Community can share their experiences in our surveys.

Student Hut Panellistson 29 March 2023